Ghoulish Inquiry — An Injury on 17th Street?

What was up with that spattery trail of blood on the sidewalk, this past Sunday, along 17th Street, between Fourth and Fifth Avenues? There were also two or three partial bloody shoe prints, and on the opposite side of 17th, a few doors down, there was a bloody black shirt. All we have is this report from simian_sam:

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All I know is it happened around 1AM last night. I just got home and there were maybe 8 cop cars flying to the intersection of 17th & 5th. None of which were running their sirens – presumably so as not to alert potential suspect.

There is a busted window in the front of Lola’s bar – and an apt building’s door had the window busted out also. Not sure if this was a stabbing or shooting or if someone just punched through a window and cut themselves. There is a particularly gruesome pool of blood about 50 feet west of 5th ave on 17th on the north side of street.

I keep looking for a story about the incident to show up online somewhere but haven’t seen anything yet.

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