Cute Mexican Store On 5th Question

I lived in Park Slope a year ago for 3 years, there used to be this really cute Latin American/Mexican house wares Store on 5th (and President maybe) It was usually a woman running it. They sold Day of the Dead menageries, handmade textiles, tin ornaments, you get the gist. I know they closed before I moved but I bought beautiful glasses tumblers there with little Day of the Dead skulls etched onto and a signature that looks like Larson? They were a wedding gift for my husband that he adored. Now they are all broken.
Does anyone know the owner or the artist or even the store?
Long shot but I figure it can’t hurt. Thanks so much! My email is [email protected]

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  1. The name of the store was “Patrias.” It closed down about a year and a half ago. I remember talking to the owner, who was leaving the retail business, but don’t remember what she told me she was going to do next.

    You might try checking out sites that specialize in folk-art, Mexican, and Southwestern-inspired items.

    I do miss the store.

  2. There is another one at 370 7th ave in Park Slope though called El Milagro that carries things similar to what you are describing

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