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Beware the Stoop Sale Sign Ripper

Is he a regular killjoy, or just a natural part of the Brooklyn street ecosystem? Pastoralia writes on the Park Slope Message Board at

Has anyone seen this guy? He’s white, got a slight build, knobby knees, usually wearing a large gardener’s hat?

This past weekend I was walking back from the gym and he was going to every street post and tearing down people’s Stoop Sale signs. What’s the deal? I was going to confront him but I was already late and he has the sort of weasely little face that makes you immediately dislike him. He walked up 7th street between 6th and 7th Ave. I’m not sure if he lives there or was off to rip down other people’s signs.

And these were for stoop sales that were currently happening… this really pisses me off. What gives him the right? If a cop comes and rips a sign down because it’s illegal to be on city property- that’s one thing (and they have better shit to do than waste time doing this) but when some one man army thinks he knows what’s better for all of us– that’s F’d up.

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Parking Regulations are Back – and WORSE

8thandprez writes: Did anyone notice that the new parking regs in Park Slope are really much worse than before? It used to be that half the blocks (from 4th ave to 7th ave) were Mon-Tues street cleaning and the other half were Thurs-Fri. That made for a nice logical sequence where you would park on one set of blocks and then move to the other set of blocks.

Now, however, the 4th ave to 7th ave blocks are Mon-Thurs and the other half are Mon-Tues. So, for some strange reason we’ve got Monday street cleaning along the entire length of the streets. Sunday car moving is going to be a real nightmare now.

Thanks, DOT!

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Parking Regs Are Back, Monday July 14 (Park Slope Message Board at

Park Slope Sushi Wars

From Chowhound (posted by redgirl):

Our sushi restaurant of choice is always Geido on Flatbush. The fish is so fresh and the staff are fabulous. However, once in a while when I’m working in the South Slope (south of 9th St.) and want some lunch, I’ll go to the sushi bar at Kiku (near 12th?). Well, Kiku must be upping their game because when I was there today, they were producing plates of food and having a professional photoshoot for them – they were amazing art plates. And then my usual plate came out – a tuna/av/cuke/ roll, tobiko sashimi and 2 pieces of yellowtail sushi and it was so whimsical and good! The guys behind the counter seems liked real pros and it was serious sushi time in there. I’m happy that there seem to be at least 2 really good sushi houses in the Slope. I also noticed that another one is opening on 7th Ave. near 5th St. where another (mediocre) sushi restaurant closed.

Park Slope area sushi wars (

NYT Verdict: Park Slope is not foul and filthy

“Despite the foul and filthy outcome predicted by many, Park Slope does not look or smell like an urban wasteland. The drains have not overflowed; Union Street and Seventh Avenue are not buried under garbage. Nonetheless, the alternate side parking rules are scheduled to go back into effect tomorrow.”

“To offer some perspective, limited access roadways countrywide are swept as little as once a year, and even within the five boroughs, some neighborhoods are not swept at all. Surely much of this city could be kept clean with a weekly or monthly visit from the street sweepers.”