Park Slope Sushi Wars

From Chowhound (posted by redgirl):

Our sushi restaurant of choice is always Geido on Flatbush. The fish is so fresh and the staff are fabulous. However, once in a while when I’m working in the South Slope (south of 9th St.) and want some lunch, I’ll go to the sushi bar at Kiku (near 12th?). Well, Kiku must be upping their game because when I was there today, they were producing plates of food and having a professional photoshoot for them – they were amazing art plates. And then my usual plate came out – a tuna/av/cuke/ roll, tobiko sashimi and 2 pieces of yellowtail sushi and it was so whimsical and good! The guys behind the counter seems liked real pros and it was serious sushi time in there. I’m happy that there seem to be at least 2 really good sushi houses in the Slope. I also noticed that another one is opening on 7th Ave. near 5th St. where another (mediocre) sushi restaurant closed.

Park Slope area sushi wars (

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  1. It’s technically South Slope, but I love Suki Sushi which opened on 5th ave between 17th & 18th St last year.

    If you haven’t been, check it out. The only downfall is that they don’t currently have a liquor license.

  2. suki is great and a few bucks cheaper (and the owner is a sweetheart) but for a but of atmosphere i’m all about kiku. we also had CRAZY presentation — my sweetie and i both go chirashi, and the chef plated each dish totally differently, with flowers, shells bamboo. we also got an incredible appetizer — the tuna dumpling. it’s lobster salad wrapped in a square of tuna sashimi. amazing.

    last night we went to ten, that other new sushi place on 7th, close to kiku, and also got great and insanely plated sushi. i got the chirashi (love that) and it was served on a bed of ice that had lights underneath. my chirashi literally glowed, like dishes in cooking anime. it was also decorated with king crab shells, an orchid, and more flowers, and served with the rice on the side and oshinko.

  3. We think the best sushi is on Prospect Park West near 17th – called Sushi Yama. It’s hands down the best sushi we’ve ever had, and the price is beyond affordable. Sunny, the owner, and often evening wisdom guru is really worth the trip to Sushi Yama. Not only will you feel amazing after the spicy tuna and sunset roll (must try) you will leave feeling both inspired and and look forward to your next visit after you spending part of your meal conversing with Sunny. Please note, the atmosphere is nothing to write home about and make sure you go Sushi Yama, not the other place. The sushi chef is in the window with a big smile. Lastly, the hot saki is only $5 bucks for a large and $3 for a small:) Enjoy!

  4. north slope has oshima (berkeley & 7th ave) and picasso (prospect place & 5th ave). both offer tasty regular items however their specials can’t be beat. i only wish i could get the specials without having to walk over and read the signage out front.

  5. Watch out for Kiku…as of today, the one at 7th avenue and 11th street is closed by board of health. ick.

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