Parking Regulations are Back – and WORSE

8thandprez writes: Did anyone notice that the new parking regs in Park Slope are really much worse than before? It used to be that half the blocks (from 4th ave to 7th ave) were Mon-Tues street cleaning and the other half were Thurs-Fri. That made for a nice logical sequence where you would park on one set of blocks and then move to the other set of blocks.

Now, however, the 4th ave to 7th ave blocks are Mon-Thurs and the other half are Mon-Tues. So, for some strange reason we’ve got Monday street cleaning along the entire length of the streets. Sunday car moving is going to be a real nightmare now.

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Parking Regs Are Back, Monday July 14 (Park Slope Message Board at

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  1. It’s not just mon-thurs it’s also tues and friday so it’s pretty much every day of the week! i think it’s worse than before

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