Child Abuse Witnessed on 7th

A highly disturbing incident of child abuse was witnessed by lurker this week:

“I was riding the bus on 7th Ave in South Slope last night and witnessed a pretty horrible incident. A guy – late 40s perhaps – was walking down 7th with a kid of perhaps 10 yrs. The kid was carrying a bike helmet when suddenly the guy turned around and smacked the helmet out of his hands. The kid started crying and picked up the helmet and then threw it down again in a sort of tantrum. No big deal, I thought.

Then, the guy grabbed the kid by his jacket, at the neck and the lower back, picked him up off the ground, and threw him into the doorway of a store onto the floor (door was open, not through the door). He then walked up to the boy, who was lying on his back, and kicked him at least twice. The store had several people in it. The woman behind the counter came around and helped the boy up. She appeared to be related to both the kid and guy. They talked while she tried to comfort the crying boy.  Pretty shocking and sad. Makes me wonder what kind of family dynamic is at work there.”

lurker adds that the police were called.  Because the scene was witnessed from within a passing bus, we’re not sure what the result of their involvement was.

What would you like this abusive man’s punishment to be?  Share it here: Park Slope Message Board: Child abuse witnessed in South Slope store (

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  1. I saw the incident too while I was strolling along the street, taking in the wonderful fall blossoms. The very mean man was hitting the child in his fanny. The man suffered a swollen hand because the kid had an old school text book in his pants. Thank goodness for that!

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