Should You Reward a Good Report Card?

Last week was report card week, and parents in Park Slope were debating the age old question of how or if they should reward their children’s good report cards.  Do they give them cash prizes, a special dinner or a big smile and a pat on the back?  Naturally there are different schools of thought on this parenting issue.  Here are some excerpts from the discussion:

Testiculon: I use the good report card as an opportunity to tell my daughter how proud I am to be her Dad. I can tell from her face that that is a huge reward.”

xlizellx: i’m a public school teacher, and i would def. encourage parents to spend time with their kids as the reward rather than give them stuff.”

ringrunner: I gave them a coupon for 30 cents off a bag of chips

How do you reward your kids for a good report card?  Park Slope Message Board –

Pro Wrestling Comes To Park Slope – Finally

If you thought Park Slope was all about baby boutiques and fancy frogo, think again.  Park Slope has found it’s edge in the form of Forgotten Championship Wrestling, a group committed to restoring the integrity to fake wrestling.  These guys want to bring wrestling back to it’s Ric Flair era heydays, “When the fans believed in the wrestlers and when the wrestlers bled, it meant something not just a match where there has to be blood.” Fight night is this Saturday at the already edgy Brooklyn Lyceum.

Discussion goes here: Park Slope Message Board – Pro Wrestling Anyone? ::

Is Slope Spending Slowing?

An observation made by Old Time Brooklyn that 7th ave. stores and restaurants in Park Slope seemed unusually dead this week seemed to be consistent with what locals are saying about their recent spending habits.  Some comments from the thread “Has Everyone Stopped Shopping?”:

bohuma: Stopped for everything except essentials. Don’t go out for dinner, cook at home. Brown bag my lunch.”

bullyboy: We buy groceries. That’s about it.”

WhyFi: I work in a retail environment, and the pace has certainly slowed…People seem hesitant, waiting to see if we’ve really hit bottom or not, and whether there’s some stability is around the corner. I don’t think that there needs to be a rebound before people start opening the wallets, but they do want to know that it’s not going to get any worse.”

Are you cutting back on the luxuries you once enjoyed?  Share your penny pinching ways on Park Slope Message Board – Has everyone stopped shopping? ::

Lousy Neighbor in Slope Apt. Building

A first time poster stopped by the forum this week seeking advice on how to deal with a downstairs neighbor who finds the time to complain about every sound she makes.

japes317: “My fiance and I moved into our apartment in July. In the 3.5 months that have passed since then, we’ve come to find out that we have a downstairs neighbor who is out of her mind.”

The downstairs neighbor reportedly has come to japes317’s door on numerous occasions and tried to get inside the apartment to see what was “going on” as the cause of the noise.  To avoid those situations the poster gave the neighbor her number, and has since had to deal with frequent calls of complaint.  She wants out of her lease and has turned to the boards for advice. hitokiri was first to offer advice on how to fight back the old fashioned way:

“If she tries to force her way into your apt again, give her a good palm to the nose…If you want to get even more childish, put some guerrilla glue into the key holes of her door lol

There’s also plenty of grown up style advice in the thread as well regarding ways someone can get out from under a lease of doom.  Only the lucky have never had to read up on what to do about a crappy neighbor, so the collective knowledge of the community has been pooled together in this thread.  Be prepared: Park Slope Message Board – Insane woman downstairs…can I get out of my lease??? Help! ::

Last Night

The partying in the streets that erupted all over the city last night showed up in Park Slope as well.

MichaelKeys: “It was New Year’s and the Yankees AND Mets winning the World Series all rolled into one here in Brooklyn!”

caaahyoko: “I had the most wonderful bike ride home from Southpaw to Bushwick. The party in the streets extended all the way and my bell got a workout with all the celebratory ringing. As I passed through all those neighborhoods it felt like a sticky cloud of cynicism had lifted into the atmosphere and dissipated.”

Of course it wasn’t all roses for the liberal minded Park Slope bacchanalians.  Dismay was expressed over the various anti-gay props that were passed on the historic day:

LadyLibertine: “Don’t even have to be gay to feel stabby over that Arkansas measure. No “unmarried sexual partners” can adopt or foster children. WTF.”

Keep the hope alive on the Park Slope Message Boards – Cheering in the Streets ::

Vote Day Is Here! And the locals are buzzing…

Perhaps it has come to your attention that there is a sort of big deal election taking place today.  Well you aren’t the only one who noticed, as a quick look at any Brooklynian board will prove.  Locals have been checking in all day, sharing their experiences:

tapdame: just wanted to let you know how things went at my polling site. I voted at PS 282 on 6th ave. The line was about 3/4 of the way down Berkeley street towards 5th ave. I got in line at 6:11am and was out the door by 7:05am. I strongly suggest that you know your election district prior to getting in line, as waiting in that line probably tacks on about 45 minutes.

asking questions pertaining to their local polling site:

Cabaki: This is my first time voting in park slope (8th street) so I have no idea what to expect. Is is better to get there when the polls open before work, or after work? How many hours do you think we’ll have to wait on line to vote?”

and giving tips on how to vote best:

henrycurtis: Don’t wear political clothing, or excess button/pins. It may be considered “electioneering” in the polling place and you may not be allowed to vote.

So stop by, share your stories and ask your questions at Park Slope Message Board – voting in park slope ::

Times Article Outs McCain Supporters, Sparks Heated Debate

A New York Times article this week tells the story of a local anomaly: Four — count ’em, four — brownstones on a single Park Slope block are waving a flag rare enough in this liberal bastion to stop passers-by in their tracks: “McCain.”” pastoralia posted the link in the Park Slope forum and added “now we know their names”  What pastoralia mightn’t have expected is that the posting would bring a handful of McCain supporters out of the woodwork and spark one of the most heated political discussions on that I’ve seen.  Living in such an overwhelmingly liberal neighborhood such as Park Slope, one might assume that everyone around them is more or less on the same page.  But as it turns out that’s not the case.  Just read transplant‘s first of many posts in the thread:

“I’m voting for McCain and Palin too (well, mostly Palin). I live on 3rd St. between 4th and 5th, no need to hunt me down.  I think there are more of us out there than you think, we just know to keep our opinions to ourselves around Park Slope and NYC in general. Y’all can be pretty intolerant of dissenting viewpoints.”

Who knew?  Come meet your neighbors at Park Slope Message Boards – Now we know their names ::

Symptoms of a Bad Economy: Switching to The Y

Looks like we’re all going to have to make adjustments to our lifestyles now that the economy is tanking.  Swapping brunch for a bagel, your Bam membership for a Netflix membership, haircuts for hats etc.  sacrifices must be made.  katbka is making the following adjustment and asked the board to help okay the decision:

“Dearest Brooklynians,
With the economy being in crisis, I decided to quit the fancy Wall St Equinox, and join my local YMCA.  Do any of you belong to the Park Slope YMCA? What do you like/dislike about it?
Is it true that Food Coop members get a discount when joining?”

Turns out The Y gets high marks from the crowd, and there is in fact a Coop member discount.  Read the reviews and share what you’re cutting back on at Park Slope Message Board – Park Slope YMCA ::

Mail Held Captive in Closed Slope Store

One would hope that when they rent a mailbox, that mailbox will be eternally accessible.  No such luck for a number of people who were deeply dismayed by the sudden closing of Mailboxes of Park Slope located on Flatbush near Crunch.

stuntvehicle was the first to make this unfortunate discovery:

“Stopped by the mailbox place today and the doors were barred…with my mail inside! Anyone esle in the same situation?”

Several people shared their frustration at being in the same predicament and at a loss for what action they can take.  dailyheights had the following info on the matter:

“I just got an email from an irate customer of MAIL BOXES OF PARK SLOPE … she says the business was closed Friday Oct. 17, 2008. She said the owner didn’t notify her that he was aware of the possiblity of the eviction:

“All of us that rent boxes have mail & packages locked inside. The Landlord’s management company isn’t corporating with our phone calls.””

If anyone has info that might help lead to the timely release of the captive packages, I urge you to stop by the boards and help prevent this scene from transpiring:

thereallawrence: “I will cry manilla tears if this place closes for good and I lose my packages.”

Park Slope Message Board – Mailboxes of Park Slope (

South Slope Yoga

Carmen stopped by the Park Slope forum on a quest to find a good yoga place in South Slope. Some results from the thread:

11thstreet: “There’s a lovely new bikram studio at 5th Ave & 15th St, if you’re into the hot yoga…”

Flexichick: “The yoga teachers at Harbor Fitness are generally pretty good.”

jjgal: “I’ve been going to Jaya Yoga for a little over a year and I’ve only experienced one teacher who I would not go back to. I have really enjoyed all the other instructors and the space. I highly recommend going there. It is also not so expensive and the classes are all an hour and thirty-five minutes.”

filmlover44: “bodhisattva 442 9th St – (vinyassa yoga)”

vidro3 “yoga sole at windsor and 11th ave is nice as well. they have a buy 2 get 1 free special going on now”

There are more insights and recommendations about the best places to strike a pose in South Slope listed in the thread.  If you’re looking for a way to stay limber this winter then stop by Park Slope Message Board – South slope yoga? ::

Pit Bull for Adoption Bites Sloper, Accusations Ensue

Nepenthean relayed an unfortunate incident of being bitten by an up-for-adoption pit bull while walking by a Brooklyn Animal Foster Network station last week:

“As I walked by last Monday (Columbus Day), their pit bull lunged at me and bit my thigh. Their first response was suggesting it was my fault because I had a bag of groceries in my arm. They also said that was their sweetest dog. They delayed getting the person in charge (who was across the street), hoping I would just walk away. After I persisted they finally brought over the boss. She offered NO apology whatsoever, but tried to get me to sign a medical waiver! WTF??”

After much sympathizing and calling for lawsuits by other Park Slopers, the director of BAFN caught wind of the thread and offered their side of the story as well as a dissection of the original poster’s claims.  The forum played judge and jury to try to get to the bottom of what had transpired.

One thing that became clear is that however one judges BAFN’s reaction to this incident, everyone agrees that the animals in our midst that are up for adoption shouldn’t be the victims.  Get the whole story here: Park Slope Message Board – Dog Adoption Agency’s Pit Bull Bit Me ::

Best Park Slope BBQ?

Such wishful thinking that this thread would reveal a long list of Park Slope’s best ribs, pulled pork and smoky brisket, but alas great local bbq remains the elusive New York dream.  thebends9 sent out out the call:

“Looking for some good BBQ tonight, any recommendations?”

Smoke Joint in Ft. Greene gets a few shout outs as not only the best bbq in the area, but also pretty much the only option.  Hill Country, Blue Smoke and Dinosaur in the city all get thumbs up, but otherwise the real answer to the original question seems to be to get in your car and head south.  Don’t get out until the sign reads “Carolina.”

Dry Rub or Wet Mop? Park Slope Message Board – Best Barbeque in Park Slope? ::

Self Reflexive Poster Says Slope Smells Like Pee

just me:

Is it “just me” or does Park Slope smell like dog pee? everywhere I walk I get the lovely scent of dog piss. the worst is the entrance to the park, near garfield and near 3rd st. I know the dogs have to go somewhere but geeeeez it’s nasty in this warmer weather…

Well it might just be just me, because there haven’t been too much many people seconding that notion, but there have been many people quick to blame the “cross between rancid butter and vomit” smell on the female Ginkgo Tree. Jamzer:

“It is a great urban tree, but its fruit smells like puke.”

I suppose this leaves the leading suspect in the case of the dog pee smell to be dog pee.  Exchange Gingko Tea recipes at Park Slope Message Board – Is it “just me” or does Park Slope ::

Berkeley Carroll School Wants Old Time Sloper Out

YankeeFan posted a couple of local articles telling the story of a woman who has lived in her Park Slope apartment for 50 years and pays the highly enviable rent of $147.08.  Naturally she’s been reluctant to accept a buyout to leave from Berkeley Carroll School who owns her home and wishes to use the space for classroom expansion.  Reactions on the boards have been mixed.  Many like new2hood take little pity on a woman who has had it easy for so long:

I feel as if this woman is parroting some sob story her lawyer fed her to make this a PR story. I understand she doesn’t “want” to move, but she’s paying an absurd amount of rent and has been given several opportunities to leave with $$ in her pocket, which, combined with $$ she should have saved paying such a small rent, would allow her to avoid financial hardship.”

While others like LongTimeSloper see things differently:

“I don’t care what paltry sum she gave BC all these years-it was a rent controlled apartment and I assume she had a lease. I don’t see why everyone thinks that just because she doesn’t own it and had a good deal all these years, she should just walk away! I mean, she was a tenant, she did her end of the bargain by paying the rent and she is by no means obligated to just take the buy out offered if she doesn’t want to.

Every one here seems to think that oh well, she had a good run, leave now because the landlord tells you to leave. But, I see it as she also has rights as a tenant-no matter what she has been paying all these years!”

Read the rest of the discussion here: Park Slope Message Board – Eviction threat after 50 years in Park Slope is ‘like a deat ::

Cashmere Hungry Moths Take a Bite Out of The Slope

Halloween has come early to a handful of Park Slope residents who are being tormented by a sweater eating moth beast.  The culprit and damage done is described by brooklynpotter:

[The moths are] goldeny and when you smoosh them they’re chalky…i found a mitten i’d left in a bag in my closet. (i’d been wondering why they kept flying out from the closet!) said mitten was missing a giant chunk. i’m not talking about a hole, i mean a quarter of the top of the mitten was gone, like a human had taken a bite from it.

Other posters share tips on how to survive the infestation.  Cedar, lavendar, zip-loc bags, washing your clothes…but brooklynpotter seems to be losing hope: i fear this genus of moth is unstoppable.”

Who among you has the antidote to this winged plague? Save the day at Park Slope Message Boards – moths (that eat cashmere) ::

5th Ave. Bike Lanes Unsafe For All

In a reversal of classic urban roles, a recent thread begins with a driver complaining that bike lanes are making driving more dangerous.


Is it just me, or is the Bicycle lane on 5th making it quite a dangerous street to drive down? So many drivers are using those Bike lanes for easy double parking.  Obviously this is forcing way too many cars to cross the yellow lines and drive on the wrong side of a two-way street. It’s just a matter of time until we have some serious head to head collisions.

Several cyclists proceed to chime in and agree that this is why they often opt for biking down 6th instead.  Rather ironic that the presence of bike lanes on 5th pushes bikers to 6th (2 way street, single lane each way, no bike lanes) and makes driving on 5th more dangerous.  A couple of posters advocated for increased enforcement of the bike lane rules by ticketing offending drivers.  Do you have the answer to this infrastructural riddle.  Share it at Park Slope Message Boards: 5th ave Bicycle lanes are now extremely dangerous ::

Best Coffee in the South Slope

8thandPrez unleashed a flurry of recommendations this week by asking for a good coffee rec in the ‘hood:

We’re finally moving to South Slope this weekend and I’m looking for a good coffee rec. I’m totally in love with Gorilla, and have been known to sneak into Starbucks when I’m too lazy to walk to 5th Ave. Any good coffee south of 9th St (and preferably closer to 16th St)?

What follows is an in depth critique of anyone that serves a decent cup of joe in the vicinity.  Cafe Regular, Red Horse and Parco each get numerous mentions.  Some for the quality of their coffee, some for the dreaminess of their baristas.  From starsinjenseyes:

“Brooklynpotter, I agree- the guys that run the place are dreamy! And they know their stuff.”

Read more about these coffee gems or add your own at Park Slope Message Board: South Slope coffee? :: | Brooklyn Blog and Message Boards

A Proposal For Former Zuzu’s Site

Today the owners and architects of the site formerly occupied by Zuzu’s Petals and Olive Vine will present their proposal for a new building to be built to the Landmark Preservation Commission.  The new building would replace the fire damaged structure currently on that site at 79 and 81 7th Avenue.  belzjm brought this to the attention of the forum by posting the link to the story and proposed design on Most responses to the design have been positive, but not all as seen with this comment by LongTimeSloper:

My problem isn’t with the height of the building, it’s with the way the front of the building looks (HATE the huge factory like windows). My other problem is with the idea of things being torn down and built anew, I hate when i see that, old building or houses being taken down to put up a newer structure when work could be done on the old building and preserve some history (not to say that this is a particularly historic building, but, I think you get my drift).

Have a look for yourself and then add your two cents at Park Slope Message Board: former olive vine/zuzu’s petal space on 7th and berkely (

Child Abuse Witnessed on 7th

A highly disturbing incident of child abuse was witnessed by lurker this week:

“I was riding the bus on 7th Ave in South Slope last night and witnessed a pretty horrible incident. A guy – late 40s perhaps – was walking down 7th with a kid of perhaps 10 yrs. The kid was carrying a bike helmet when suddenly the guy turned around and smacked the helmet out of his hands. The kid started crying and picked up the helmet and then threw it down again in a sort of tantrum. No big deal, I thought.

Then, the guy grabbed the kid by his jacket, at the neck and the lower back, picked him up off the ground, and threw him into the doorway of a store onto the floor (door was open, not through the door). He then walked up to the boy, who was lying on his back, and kicked him at least twice. The store had several people in it. The woman behind the counter came around and helped the boy up. She appeared to be related to both the kid and guy. They talked while she tried to comfort the crying boy.  Pretty shocking and sad. Makes me wonder what kind of family dynamic is at work there.”

lurker adds that the police were called.  Because the scene was witnessed from within a passing bus, we’re not sure what the result of their involvement was.

What would you like this abusive man’s punishment to be?  Share it here: Park Slope Message Board: Child abuse witnessed in South Slope store (

Valet Stroller Parking at the 9th St. YMCA

booklaw alerted the board this week to a New York Times article breaking what is sure to be a hot button issue.…..artner=rssnyt&emc=rss Who needs Beverly Hills? We have valet parking right here!! Very HappyIt turns out that the Y on 9th street has started offering valet service for parents using the facilities.  Reactions so far have been mixed. Livetotravel seems to feel that things might be getting out of hand in this “Spawnocentric” neighborhood.  I just wonder what has changed over the years to have made it imperative to have strollers with temperature sensors and pedometers since the days when my kids were little.” Jamzer comes out in favor: I think the Y provides this service so that the strollers don’t clog the inside of the building. Since the YMCA provides child care, it makes sense that they need someplace to put the strollers.” And you’ll just have to stop by the thread yourself for Whatchuwant’s less nuanced reaction to the detractors.

Park Slope Message Board: Valet Stroller Parking at 9th Street YMCA (

Atlantic Antic Tip Sheet

This Sunday is the annual Atlantic Antic, the biggest, baddest and latest in the season street fair in the neighborhood. pastoralia did us the favor of sending out a reminder this week as well as some advice.  Just thought I’d remind everyone in the Slope that Atlantic Antic is this Sunday (10/5) so start planning your work excuses for Monday now.And if you think you’ve had enough of white socks and sausages (Hamilton’s street fair impression) then at least hear out Mamacita who writes: “Atlantic antic is one of the few fairs that rock, seriously, Rock bands playing in front of the bars. Lots of food: bahn mi, pies, ice cream, lots of cheap beer, soul food, pernil and beans/rice, Antiques and stoop sales everywhere. It’s awesome! DJ alien sunny .” Three consecutive emoticons can’t be wrong.  The thread contains plenty of hot picks for who’s got the best ales, best sales and where and when the best bands plug in.

So head on over to Park Slope Message Board: Atlantic Antic! ( to start planning how to spend your Sunday

VP Debates – puts TVs at risk

Everyone in Park Slope seems riled up about the Biden-Palin debate. Some will be constructively playing drinking games like Brooklynbound or Palin Bingo like dailyheights, others will be taking out their rage on their innocent televisions

Mamacita writes: I’m scared to watch it. I really hate Palin. I may throw a beer at the tv.” And rtraindweller, a similarly inclined viewer posts: “I‘m gonna do my best NOT to throw a forty at the TV. I couldn’t even watch 5 minutes of her speaking at the RNC. I had to shut the TV off and go for a bike ride to regain my senses. Thursday is going to be interesting to say the least…”

Underhill_MT shares another way to calm yourself down if the debate is getting you heated up. “When she spoke at the RNC I had to turn the TV off because I felt sick…Had to go outside and look at the moon to calm myself down.” All told, it might be wise to surround yourself with other people.  Either so they can restrain you, or so your beer can be hurled anonymously from the crowd at someone else’s TV.

Here are a few places to watch the debate in public as compiled by brooklynmatters:
1. Pacific Standard ( 4th Ave / Pacific St) – drink specials
2. Union Hall (Union/ 5th Ave) – drink specials
3. Bar 4 ( 7th Ave/ 15th St)
Also, there’s stuff organized throughout the city by Drinking Liberally- just check their website

Know of other good places to watch the big game?  Share them at Park Slope Message Board: VP Debates (

Stories From Park Slope Past

Old Goat in FL stopped by the boards this week in search of fellow old-timers with whom he could reminisce about the neighborhoods bygone years. “I am retired in Florida. Grew up on 12th Street
between 5th & 6th Aves in the 30’s 40″s & 50″s. Went to PS 124, PS 40’s and the REAL Manual, not John Jay. Attended 12thst Reformed Church. Shocked Is there anyone out there from my neighborhood and era?
” Seems like he predates any of the regulars, but the regulars have been encouraging Old Goat to share his memories of days long past and he’s obliged.

Some excerpts:
In the late 30’s and most of the 40’s most people were still recovering from the depression first and then the war. So few cars parked on the street that we played stickball whenever we were not in school right in the middle of the street. Two sewers was a pretty good hit!

12th Street was like one big family. Every nationality imaginable. There was the Hickeys, Websters, Draddys,
Carsons, Cash, Martin, Jaworski,Strozyk, Murphys, Fiorellos, Placido, Petito, Highlands and so on.”

In Old Goats days the street gangs were the “Smittys’, and the “Garfield Boys”. The best thing was to have friends in each gang and when you met up with a gang member or two be sure to
mention the right guy you knew.”

The only incident I rememnber IN school was when one of the gang members slapped a Gym teacher. The Gym teacher slapped him right back and knocked him on his butt. The teacher offered to meet
the member & his gang one on one after school. The teacher showed up but the gang did not and that Teacher had no more problems.”

“Does anyone out there recall Belmont’s Clothing store for Men & Boy?. Anytime you bought something you got a free gift. It could be a baseball, football or a Baseball glove… Also there was a Bickfords Cafeteria
on 9th Strret as well as a place called the “Cube Steak”. The served a square steak sandwich! Whistle

Well I’m going to try to rig me up a square steak sandwich right now, but I recommend you read the rest of Old Goat’s tales at Park Slope Message Board: 12th street 40’s & 50’s (

Trader Joe’s Reviews Are In

As if you didn’t know, there’s a new Trader Joe’s in town, and everyone is talking about it.  A few posters on Brooklynian had the masochistic impulse to make it down there during the opening weekend.  They returned (almost universally) with warm fuzzies: “a lot of fun,” “really great” and “gorgeous” … plus the usual friend-of-a-friend knowledge about how well they treat their employees.

Is there no yang to this ying? Well, maybe one: NO TWO-BUCK CHUCK! No wine – “just the grocery store,” writes meganlibrarian. They only have 1 license for the city, and use it for their Union Square location. The other NYC locations do sell beer, though.”

Nonetheless, reviews like “large, airy, wide aisles, well stocked and lots of cashiers!” as posted by maratl2 bode well for the neighborhood’s most highly anticipated new grocery store.

Have you made it over to TJ’s?  Share your impressions at Park Slope Message Board: Brooklyn Trader Joe’s opened today, anyone go? (

Hidden Gems of Park Slope

Last week Drunken Revival asked “Can
a town such as Park Slope even have hidden gems?” and then got the
conversation rolling with a list of nominations.  Others chimed in and a list was born:

– 7ave, btw 8th and 9th. For my money there is not a better BLT
in the hood. Plus they are open at 4am which is huge for me…

Best blog/message board that isn’t the Brooklynian:

Best ping pong game: Yes, Brownstone has some tables, but at
$11.95/hr and with the risk (or accidental, uh, joy) of backhanding a
stray teenager from the duck bowling lane wouldn’t you rather check out
Royale? From time to time they set up a table on the dance floor… think
daytime, or early Tuesday evening.

Closest thing to an after-hours joint: Royale, again. That place is
still bumping on a Saturday at 3:30… the rest is up to you.

Best Dive bar:
Canal Bar – it truly is a divey bar on a divey street
(3rd ave + President or Union). Popcorn machine, pool table, bucket
nips of MHL, Bud, and Corona. The bathroom doors don’t close all the
time, the inflatable ornaments are not for show, and the giant plastic
shark will scare you on an acid trip. Bonus features: at any given
moment the owner may come in from the back with giant try of sausage
and peppers (they have a garden and a grill), a biker gang might roll
in thick, or that one dude might fart mid sentence… there is no noise
limit and I doubt that even I could get cut off here. Seriously, good

Best doctor: Dr. Burton Fletcher. He is bearded, left handed, kind,
and old school. He admits when he doesn’t know and will not over
prescribe. He is a member of a dying breed: classically trained in the
art of family care with a wide ranging knowledge base. I like that he
delivers your fate directly, clearly and without deviation.

Best pickup softball game:
Let me start by saying:

Field 5, 4pm, Sundays, 4th of July through Labor Day and possibly
beyond… anyone is welcome. You will have fun, you will laugh, you will
pull a hamstring…

Best One Two Punch of a corner:
If Barbes didn’t smell like a French
woman’s armpit and if Collson’s wasn’t always out of whatever I might
want I’d say 9th St and 6th Ave. As it stands, however, 6th Ave. and
20th street gets the nod. Kitchen Bar is just flat out good. Nice bar,
good, small, fresh dishes… next door is BBQ or something… huge plates
of meat – like bring a suitcase for leftovers size plates, beans,
collard greens, etc… Much more importantly, it has the best bourbon
menu in Park Slope and likely beyond. We are talking 30-40 wide ranging
varieties all for $5-$7. You cannot beat this place.

Worst loss to the hood
– the Bourbon menu at Bar BQ. They’ve closed.

Best way to blow $20 – Car wash. 4th Ave. and Garfield or Carroll.
This one also falls into “best massage chair”. I recommend getting
blazed beforehand. Anyway, it’s one of those where you get out and
watch your four wheeled steed through soapy glass. While you’re waiting
on that crack team of cleanliness technicians to barely vacuum your
floor yet somehow get every penny out of your ashtray I recommend
checking out the “store”. There you will find some of the best air
fresheners and fuzzy dice along with a wonderful, coin op, massage
chair and tons of other shit you don’t need. On your way out your snag
a gum ball and don’t forget not to tip. You just blew $20. Bonus: your
radio is now blasting that Mexican station you didn’t know existed.

Best place to boycott – Sheep Station.. 4th Ave. Why you ask? Well,
you’ll have to come up with your own reasons. Mine are that the
bartender is a complete dickhead… and second, well, I have my reasons.
It’s really too bad because that place has some interesting drinks,
good food, and is gay friendly.

Best way to extend a weekend of partying – Sunday, 8pm, Bar Reis.
5th Ave btw 5th and 6th. Jim, the bartender, is cute, engaging, and
funny. Pool table, backyard, and a decent crowd for a Sunday. The
literal bar is brand new. The bars namesake, Reis, may pop in to answer
any trivia specific to the bars’ decade plus history. Also, pretty soon
they will be opening a restaurant next door. I hear it’ll be Tapas type
stuff.. small dishes, affordable and certainly tasty. Oh, don’t ask
about the “full bar tour” because it doesn’t exist.

Best bagel alternative – The Pie Shop. Prospect
Park West at 16th st. We’re not talking your grandmother’s thanksgiving
day standby; these pies are meaty and bursting with flavor. They are
designed to be easy-to-carry and eat on the go, perfect if you’re
looking to skip the bagel joint across the street on your way to the
train. My personal favorite is the mince steak and cheese.

Best Sandwich Counter the sandwich counter at the back of A&S (5th
and Garfield, I think), is money. You might pay a couple dollars more
than at a regular deli, but it’s worth it — I live and die for Il
Classico –, just-salty-enough mozz, perfectly thin proscuitto, fresh
basil, tomatoes on awesomely delicious bread. Add oil and vinegar if yr

Tuna Melt that gives you yum-tingles Ale House (the bartender gets their own nomination as well)

Best cheap shoes – FabCo Shoes — down on like 15th and 5th — sometimes surprises with great style for like eight bucks.

Best beer selection – Eagle Provisions

Best CoffeeJava Joe’s, the coffee shop on 8th St. (7th/8th
Aves.) Their beans blow away Gorilla’s or anybody else’s & the
staff are beautiful people.

Sandwich that is a “fookin’ treat”
The Peter Luger sandwich at Pollio (across the street from Bar Reis)

Chicken tacosJirasol Bakery on 5th and 22nd. Add their homemade red and green sauce and you’re in heaven.

and many more!

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