Best Coffee in the South Slope

8thandPrez unleashed a flurry of recommendations this week by asking for a good coffee rec in the ‘hood:

We’re finally moving to South Slope this weekend and I’m looking for a good coffee rec. I’m totally in love with Gorilla, and have been known to sneak into Starbucks when I’m too lazy to walk to 5th Ave. Any good coffee south of 9th St (and preferably closer to 16th St)?

What follows is an in depth critique of anyone that serves a decent cup of joe in the vicinity.  Cafe Regular, Red Horse and Parco each get numerous mentions.  Some for the quality of their coffee, some for the dreaminess of their baristas.  From starsinjenseyes:

“Brooklynpotter, I agree- the guys that run the place are dreamy! And they know their stuff.”

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3 Replies to “Best Coffee in the South Slope”

  1. Hands down the best coffee is south Slope is at Southside Coffee at the corner of 6th ave and 19th street. They use Intelligentsia coffee and only use organic milk. They take the time to French Press all of their coffee….all of them are single origin coffees (no blends).

    It’s a true coffee lover’s place. The menu is simple and they don’t use syrups…..because their coffee actually tastes that good all on it’s own.

  2. I dislike Martin. (cafe regular) and find him neither charming, nor witty, but a pompus arse—but the dude makes a good cup of Joe.

  3. These comments make me long for a haunt of my own where I can enjoy some organic coffee, eccentric people and think about anything other than WORK!! 🙂

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