John Hodgman on Pavilion Theater: Please Get it Together

Photo: John Hodgman and friend in Weather Up, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. (

F’ed in Park Slope attended that Bored to Death cancellation party last week at the Brooklyn Inn, and scored an interview with John Hodgman. Not many of the Q&A exchanges are substantial, but Hodgman’s thoughts on the Pavilion stand out:

KD: What do you think about The Pavilion?

JH: Get it together, Pavilion … I’ve been there. I went there to see Arthur Christmas — great movie, by the way — there is no business in Park Slope that I want to support more. There’s nothing more essential than having a good movie theater. And there is also no reason why it should not be an incredible space. I’ve been there a few times, and I’m like, “this isn’t so bad,” but theater 8 — it’s like Led Zeppelin was in there.

KD: It’s disgusting.

JH: I can’t believe what happened. And I don’t know when it happened. It looks terrible, like a snuff film was shot in there. And I really urge them to get it together, because I want to go there everyday.

The fact that the Pavilion is a dump (and may have bedbugs) is not new … but maybe having some celebrity encouragement will help the Pavilion decide to “get it together.”

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