Last Chance! Timboo’s Reportedly Closing Down Tonight

Photo: Brooklyn Paper

Tonight may be the last night for a great Park Slope bar. Recent reports said that Dec. 31 would be “last call” for Timboo’s. Owners Timmy Hodgens and Bobby Booras say their main reasons for closing down is because they are ready to retire, and also because they are sick of harsh city inspections, according to the Brooklyn Paper.

Their bar was one of the few places you could still find reasonably priced drinks, like a bottled beer for only 3 dollars. It was one of the only laid back, reasonably priced hangouts in an area where most of the new hangouts were ritzy and expensive. The bar was a hub for many people of the Irish community as well, including immigrants and iron workers; after work, they could sit back and enjoy a cold one while singing along to some songs with some piano accompaniment. It was also a great place to watch football and gather with friends, and was named one of the best bars in Brooklyn. A more thorough history and analysis can be found on Here’s Park Slope.

One reviewer on Yelp described his experience with Timboo’s like this:

“Okay, I just moved in right above this bar last night and after carrying things up to the 3rd floor, I needed a beer, and I headed downstairs to Timboo’s. It’s a dive, if you don’t like ’em, you won’t like this place. But I love Dives. Cheap drinks and interesting people. Right away the bartender, Tara, introduced herself and starting talking to us – super nice. She introduced me to the regulars, who yes, all have probably been regulars here since well before I was born. They all gave me a hard time (jokingly) because I was rooting for the Tampa Bay Rays against the Red Sox. All of them were nice guys and provided some entertainment for the evening in between innings…”

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