Methodist Hospital ER Earning Bad Grades

Gowanus Lounge just posted a couple of not-so-nice stories from Park Slope Parents about recent visits to the Methodist Hospital ER. This would come as no surprise to Carmen who posted about her trip to the ER in April:

…I was kind of mortified that the PA was pressuring me into treatment when the plastic surgeon told me I didn’t need them. He was very brief when speaking to me and didn’t look me in the eye once. He basically threw my paperwork at me and walked out the door, at which point I asusmed I was done and left.

While in discharge, I heard the woman next to me complaining that a nurse had said “no wonder you’re on so many pills” when she complained about the tightness of the ID bracelet. Is this place ALWAYS like this? I’m really considering writing a letter to the hospital about my experience (excellent with the plastic surgeon, but terrible with everyone else,) …

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Baluchi’s on Fifth Avenue Opening Today

Local Indian restaurant chain Baluchi’s is opening up its doors in the Slope today (for takeout at least) over on Fifth Avenue and 3rd Street. There’s a lot of gushing going on at the discussion boards:

ljnd: I have friends from Mumbai, fabulous cooks, who swear by them. I’ve taken friends from Rome and London there – they’ve loved it – and my 10 year old is nuts about it. (But she’ll eat anything with chickpeas.) I’m so excited about this! And they have a website which permits you to place orders online, so when that’s up and running, I am in deep trouble….

peanutbuttercup: OMGOD THAT IS AMAZING

doublediamond: Finally, good Indian in the hood!

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Go Carting?

Need a cart for shopping, moving heavy items, or just hobo’ing around? The board’s got you covered.

Poster LJND recommends which seems a bit overkill, as Blonkers points out:

If you just want one of the folding carts, you can usually find them at larger hardware, and grocery stores. The big supermarkets in NYC all sell them. They are really a great thing to have in the city for taking your laundry and doing your grocery shopping and they fold up for easy storage in small apartments.

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