Baluchi’s on Fifth Avenue Opening Today

Local Indian restaurant chain Baluchi’s is opening up its doors in the Slope today (for takeout at least) over on Fifth Avenue and 3rd Street. There’s a lot of gushing going on at the discussion boards:

ljnd: I have friends from Mumbai, fabulous cooks, who swear by them. I’ve taken friends from Rome and London there – they’ve loved it – and my 10 year old is nuts about it. (But she’ll eat anything with chickpeas.) I’m so excited about this! And they have a website which permits you to place orders online, so when that’s up and running, I am in deep trouble….

peanutbuttercup: OMGOD THAT IS AMAZING

doublediamond: Finally, good Indian in the hood!

Add your own Baluchi’s praise here: Park Slope Message Board – Baluchi’s Indian on 5th Ave opening this week!!!! ::

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