Writing Workshop for Young Adults — What’s Your Teen Doing This Summer?

A Summer Writing Intensive

What is Reading-Based Writing?

The basic idea behind reading-based writing is that we read to write and write to read. Because these two disciplines are intertwined, we’re always thinking critically, not just when we’re “studying.” The course will improve students’ writing skills by teaching them how to:

• Comfortably read/write in different genres
• Organize concepts critically
• Develop an organic voice
• Present an effective argument
• Integrate revisions

How it Works

• Classes meet for 2 hours, once per week in July. Instructor will provide all reading materials.
• Students are expected to complete one reading assignment (a story; a poem; an essay) each week and be prepared to discuss it.
• Since the course is run as a workshop, all students will present individual work to be discussed by the class. Additionally, all students will offer written feedback to their peers.
• Instructor will provide individual student evaluations, which include a writing diagnosis.
• The cost of the course is $450.

Using a variety of writing genres, students will learn the techniques of reading-based writing. We will explore:
• Creative writing (fiction, poetry, spoken word)
• Personal narrative/memoir (college essay)
• The five paragraph essay (used on standardized tests like the SAT Writing Test)
• The analytic academic paper (high school, college, and beyond)

About the Instructor
Jill Di Donato holds a BA in English from Barnard College and an MFA in writing from Columbia University. She’s taught “University Writing” to undergrads at Columbia University, developed high school writing programs as a member of Columbia/Artist Teacher, served as a mentor in Columbia University’s Writing Pedagogy Development program for graduate/professional students, and
consulted for the NYC Board of Education on the Creative Curriculum. Her writing can be found in various literary journals and magazines.

EMAIL: [email protected] PHONE: 917.655.8290
Brooklyn Heights & Park Slope Locations

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Club Loco – Performance Space for Teens

In operation since January 2007, Club Loco is a performance space for teen bands open only to youth, ages 14-20.
Supervised by young adult volunteers and a paid security guard, Club Loco operates one Saturday evening per month
during the school year, in a space off Seventh Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn..
Club Loco is sponsored by the Park Slope Civic Council and the Reformed Church in America as a service
to the community. We are a non profit.

Our next event is October 20th, 2007.
Click here for the poster for this event.

We are looking for additional publicity, volunteers AND donations to keep the space open and available to teenagers…

We’d be interested in having local businesses sponsor the club — it would only cost $350 to sponsor a single show date as the space
is donated and costs are relatively low.

This is a great opportunity for a business to get involved at the ground level with a local project which supports the artistic growth of
our own teens!

Please contact me at the attached email address with any leads, questions, suggestions …

[email protected]

Little Monsters of Park Slope

lost toys 3

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LaSirena writes on the Park Slope Message Boards: “I was getting a slice on Seventh Avenue Friday evening when three loud little girls burst in (about age 13 or so, looked like the basic Park Slope Overprivileged Precious Offspring). Every third word out of their mouths was an obscenity.”

“They walked up to the counter, barked and snapped at the pizza guys, demanding food and sodas. I asked one of them “Do you not say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to the people who are working hard here? Are these words not in your vocabulary?” She stared back at me and said “NO!” “

“I finished my pizza and left. As I was going out one of these delightful girls yelled at the top of her lungs “‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ my a*s!!. B*TCH!!!” “

“Thank you, Park Slope parents, for creating these little monsters! After 25 years in the neighborhood I’m considering leaving for someplace more civilized.”

Link: Are These Your Kids? [Park Slope Message Board]

PSP Lawsuit Crisis – Averted

Sarah from the Slope writes in the Park Slope Message Boards: “Below is the email from the PSP moderators about the resolution of their legal problems. They got a kick-ass lawyer who set the record straight right quick…”

“Dear PSP Members,

“The PSP Message Archives are Back!

“THANK YOU Park Slope parents community for your outpouring of support… We now feel it is time to discuss what happened…”

“A question was posted about a month ago about Midwood Montessori School. Two positive messages were posted, along with a negative post on the list regarding its principal…”

More… Check it out, here.

Lawsuit Threat Shuts Down Park Slope Parents Archive


Originally uploaded by wireful.

Looks like somebody has threatened the moderators of the Park Slope Parents Yahoo Group with a lawsuit related to something that a member posted.

They have shut down the Message Archives until further notice, and are seeking an “expert in Internet law” to help:

“The PSP Moderators and Advisory Committee have already spent hundreds of hours trying to resolve this situation. It is important that we resolve this quickly and with integrity — if we do not, the entire PSP list may be in jeopardy and may have to be closed down entirely…”

Discuss: Park Slope Message Boards

give me candy

give me candy

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Carpathian Kitten Loss reports: “Last night was the Halloween Parade. No, not the hedonistic one the cool kids go to in the Village… the Park Slope Halloween Parade…”

“One of the nice things about Park Slope is while yes it’s choc a bloc full of parents, these often are young cool parents. And these parents make awesome costumes for their three year olds who have no clue what’s going on.”

Discuss: Park Slope Message Boards

Park Slope Parents: “Do You Want Your Child to Be Uncomfortable or Dead?”

In the New York Times: “For more than a decade, doctors have advocated putting babies to bed on their backs as a precaution against sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS… however, some new parents are finding that the benefits of having babies sleep soundly – more likely when they sleep on their stomachs – outweigh the comparatively tiny risk of SIDS.”

“‘Do you want your child to be uncomfortable or dead?’ asked Vanessa Saft, the mother of a 2-year-old, Ramona, and an early childhood educator … Ms. Saft said she was baffled by some of the permissive discussions she read on the e-mail list of the Park Slope Parents, where Brooklynites share their advice on vaccinations, sippy cups, schools, nannies and, also, sleeping.

“But Ms. Saft said she refrained from chiming in with an unpopular viewpoint, even one in line with the medical mainstream, because, ‘I always get in trouble.'”

Discuss: Park Slope Message Boards

Naked Woman Deemed Inappropriate for Kids

flashdancers-news101905029.jpgFrom the New York Post: “Brooklyn parents, who were hot and bothered by a billboard featuring a naked blonde across the street from an elementary school, have won their fight to have the sign taken down. A spokesman for FlashDancers, a Manhattan ‘gentlemen’s club,’ said the billboard across from PS 133 in Park Slope would be removed…”

“He blamed society for a double-standard on adult material: ‘That sign is less risqué than the ads on city busses.'”

“… the stiletto-wearing woman … offers a come-hither look as she stares down at kids in the school playground.”

Councilman David Yassky … called it ‘totally inappropriate’ …”

“‘Wow, look at the hot lady,’ said one 9-year-old boy…”

Ad to be Stripped [New York Post]
A Young Audience for an Explicit Ad [New York Times]

Discuss: [Park Slope Message Boards]

German Parents in Park Slope?

austrian-flag.jpgElisabeth writes in the Park Slope Message Boards: “I’m Austrian, and I have a son who is 6 months old. I would like to find a German mom’s group to meet other moms. Maybe anyone can help me?”

Answer: You came to the right neighborhood. There is a German parents’ group on Yahoo! Groups. Go to http://www.yahoogroups.com and search for BrooklynEltern. Many of those parents live around Park Slope/Prospect Heights. There are a number of parents with kids that age!

MORE: Looking for German Mom’s Group [Park Slope Message Boards]