Little Monsters of Park Slope

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LaSirena writes on the Park Slope Message Boards: “I was getting a slice on Seventh Avenue Friday evening when three loud little girls burst in (about age 13 or so, looked like the basic Park Slope Overprivileged Precious Offspring). Every third word out of their mouths was an obscenity.”

“They walked up to the counter, barked and snapped at the pizza guys, demanding food and sodas. I asked one of them “Do you not say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to the people who are working hard here? Are these words not in your vocabulary?” She stared back at me and said “NO!” “

“I finished my pizza and left. As I was going out one of these delightful girls yelled at the top of her lungs “‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ my a*s!!. B*TCH!!!” “

“Thank you, Park Slope parents, for creating these little monsters! After 25 years in the neighborhood I’m considering leaving for someplace more civilized.”

Link: Are These Your Kids? [Park Slope Message Board]

4 Replies to “Little Monsters of Park Slope”

  1. Thank you Park Slope parents? I am a parent of a five-year-odld and aI live in Park Slope. I guess that makes me a Park Slope parent. I’m tired though of the overgeneralizing that is so fashionable lately regarding kids and parents in Park Slope.

  2. WTF? Go anywhere in this city and meet idiot monsters like that. You wouldn’t be bitching if you saw it in Bay Ridge or Bed Stuy, now would you? Nope, only cool to whine when it’s in Park Slope. What? You never go to Bed Stuy? Oh, surprise surprise.

  3. yes you will find “idiot monsters” with mouths like the ones on those girls all over the city. but trying to deny that park slope has its own particular brand of overindulged children will just make the rest of us roll our eyes, we see the evidence every time we go there.

    i live in flatbush, and unfortunately the park slope parenting style (aka “my child is the most important creature on the planet”) seems to be moving southward as young families get priced out. it is an unwelcome import.

    and yes, i’ve been to bed-stuy.

  4. I’m no Sloper, and I have no love for the Bugaboo set, but I experience kids like this *all* the time, and few of them are the “particular brand” you refer to. I think it’s a generational thing, and it’s more about LACK of parental involvement, but open your eyes: it’s as Black, as Puerto Rican, as Polish, etc. as it is “particular brand.” Don’t take your gentrification fears and apply them to everything.

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