Naked Woman Deemed Inappropriate for Kids

flashdancers-news101905029.jpgFrom the New York Post: “Brooklyn parents, who were hot and bothered by a billboard featuring a naked blonde across the street from an elementary school, have won their fight to have the sign taken down. A spokesman for FlashDancers, a Manhattan ‘gentlemen’s club,’ said the billboard across from PS 133 in Park Slope would be removed…”

“He blamed society for a double-standard on adult material: ‘That sign is less risqué than the ads on city busses.'”

“… the stiletto-wearing woman … offers a come-hither look as she stares down at kids in the school playground.”

Councilman David Yassky … called it ‘totally inappropriate’ …”

“‘Wow, look at the hot lady,’ said one 9-year-old boy…”

Ad to be Stripped [New York Post]
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2 Replies to “Naked Woman Deemed Inappropriate for Kids”

  1. Several recent studies suggest that nudity can cause children’s heads to explode. So, I guess it’s a good thing censorship won out in this case.

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