2nd Presidential Debate: The Obama vs. McCain Smackdown

Last night was the 2nd debate between presidential nominees senators Obama and McCain. In a town hall format and held at Belmont University, the face off was guaranteeing a gloves off, aggressive debate focusing on the current economic crisis. In preparation we were unfortunately unable to find a bingo card to help the debate be more palatable. Nevertheless, thanks to Flexichick and SweetTea we were able to get a humorous play by play of all the debate action:

SweetTea, “with all his wife’s money, why can’t mccain get a suit that fits?”

Flexichick, “you know Michelle wouldn’t let Barack go out like that.”
McCain looks like he’s trying not to fart.”

SweetTea, “you and me, flexi, live-bitching the debate.”

Check out the rest of the hilarity and add your thoughts on last nights debate here.

Phony Phone Calls from Marty Markowitz

Marty Markowitz

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…………The ever-crabby native Idlewild reports on the Park Slope Message Board:

“So, I’m surfing the net and my phone rings. The caller ID indicates the call is from Las Vegas. Since I’m going to Vegas soon I figured it was a confirmation call. I pick it up, no answer, I wait five seconds figuring the hotel concierge, or whoever handles confirmations is distracted… (then) the voice speaks…”

“HI! I’m Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz….!!!”

“Ole Marty pulled a fast one. I thought I was gonna get confirmed and comped, and I end up listening to this recording of this buffoon telling me how great Mark Green is. Now, I have to vote for his opponent out of spite.”

“Good going, guys. You made my day. I don’t see these types of calls being any better than the telemarketing that the Feds put a partial ban on….”

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Mike Bloomberg Spammed Me

A RANDOM CITIZEN just got this annoying Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE, also known as SPAM) apparently-from the campaign of Mike Bloomberg, by way of mrcampaign.com. Way to alienate voters, Mike!

Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 14:13:38 -0600 (MDT)
From: Mayor Mike Bloomberg ([email protected])
Reply-To: Mayor Mike Bloomberg ([email protected]com)
To: RANDOM CITIZEN ([email protected])
Subject: Securing Our Future


“I have spent the last four years working hard to earn your support. Together, we have accomplished so much: good jobs, safe streets, affordable housing, and most importantly, better schools for our kids. In every neighborhood in the City and among every community, we are bringing a brighter future to all New Yorkers.”

“Yada… etc… I hope you will take the opportunity to read this e-mail and explore the issues that matter to you.”

Mike Bloomberg”

CLARIFICATION: This spam it did NOT come to the public Daily Heights e-mail address, which gets mail from nearly every politician covering the area, some solicited, some unsolicited (the unsolicited ones were at least consciously sent to “media” outlets). Mike’s spam came to the personal address of a random citizen that’s already overwhelmed with spam, so the headers go like this:

Subject: Penis Growth Extreme
Subject: They laughed when I said I make $1500 a day
Subject: What is Viagra Soft Tabs?
Subject: Mike Bloomberg Securing our Future
Subject: $B$”$$$K-K$Fv(B
Subject: Send 200K Advertisements for Pennies

POLL: Does Michael Bloomberg Suck? [Message Boards]

Democratic primaries: today!


In case you missed all new signs up and the candidates leafletting at subway exits: the Democratic primaries are happening today, Tuesday, Sept 13. And round these parts, whoever wins the Democratic primary wins the race, which means that the real election happens not in November, but tomorrow.

If you voted in New York City last November and registered as a Democrat, you should be able to vote tomorrow between 6:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Find your polling place here.

If you aren’t registered yet, you can still register for the next election. See How to register to vote – this page has information about the two ways to register: either in person at the Board of Elections offices near Boro Hall, or in the mail.

There’s particular excitement about the Brooklyn District Attorney race. Here are some editorials from the
Village Voice and Daily Kos that explain why.

LINK: Find your polling place [NYC Elections Board]

THANKS for the info: Drinking Liberally NYC