Phony Phone Calls from Marty Markowitz

Marty Markowitz

Originally uploaded by VivaAntarctica.

…………The ever-crabby native Idlewild reports on the Park Slope Message Board:

“So, I’m surfing the net and my phone rings. The caller ID indicates the call is from Las Vegas. Since I’m going to Vegas soon I figured it was a confirmation call. I pick it up, no answer, I wait five seconds figuring the hotel concierge, or whoever handles confirmations is distracted… (then) the voice speaks…”

“HI! I’m Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz….!!!”

“Ole Marty pulled a fast one. I thought I was gonna get confirmed and comped, and I end up listening to this recording of this buffoon telling me how great Mark Green is. Now, I have to vote for his opponent out of spite.”

“Good going, guys. You made my day. I don’t see these types of calls being any better than the telemarketing that the Feds put a partial ban on….”

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