2nd Presidential Debate: The Obama vs. McCain Smackdown

Last night was the 2nd debate between presidential nominees senators Obama and McCain. In a town hall format and held at Belmont University, the face off was guaranteeing a gloves off, aggressive debate focusing on the current economic crisis. In preparation we were unfortunately unable to find a bingo card to help the debate be more palatable. Nevertheless, thanks to Flexichick and SweetTea we were able to get a humorous play by play of all the debate action:

SweetTea, “with all his wife’s money, why can’t mccain get a suit that fits?”

Flexichick, “you know Michelle wouldn’t let Barack go out like that.”
McCain looks like he’s trying not to fart.”

SweetTea, “you and me, flexi, live-bitching the debate.”

Check out the rest of the hilarity and add your thoughts on last nights debate here.

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