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Car Torched on Garfield Place

Whew! Pat writes in the Park Slope Message Boards: “Okay, folks — very early this morning (3am-ish, 9/29) somebody torched a car on Garfield Place just west of 6th Ave. Is this a badge of honor? Are we now as ‘edgy’ as Prospect Heights? Ooooooh, what a thrill. My condolences to the owner of what used to be a snappy white rag-top.”

Dean St. Still “Street” Enough for Car Bombs [Daily Heights]
Car Bomb Helps NYC to Reach New Levels of Edgy []

PICTURED: Recent car fire in Prospect Heights, on Dean St. across from the Newswalk condos. Rumor has it that it was intentionally set.

TONIGHT: Adventures on the Gowanus Canal with GARBAGE LAND Author


Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn writes in the Park Slope Message Boards: Come hear Elizabeth Royte read excerpt from her great book Garbage Land: On the Secret Trail of Trash. Hear about her amazing adventures in a canoe on the Gowanus Canal. This thought provoking book is important AND beautifully written. Can’t put it down cause it answers the staggering question: Where does my garbage go?

Tonight 9/29; The Old Stone House at JJ Byrne Park in Park Slope. Fifth Avenue between 3rd and 4th Sts. 718-288-4290. Free. Refreshments and books available. Find out about more readings at

Faith in Humanity: RESTORED

dw438 writes in the Park Slope Message Boards: “I’m amazed, happy and proud of my fellow Slopers …”

“On Monday, I misplaced my bank statement and cable TV bill on 3rd Street near 7th Avenue. I imagined the worst. Identity theft up the wazoo. Made all the right calls, cancelled the credit cards, put the bank on alert, (same bank account for 25 years god love ’em) and called Time Warner for a duplicate bill.”

“Open my mail box this afternoon, and lo and behold both letters were there. Re-postmarked. Unopened. Some god took them across the street to the post office annex and remailed them.”

How many people have bought a paper shredder within the past 2 years? For the first time? I know Prospect Heights had a problem recently with a very identifiable Identity Thief making the rounds (and spotted frequently inside a Flatbush Ave. business).

LINK: Park Slope = Nice People [Park Slope Message Boards: ]

FINALLY! New Films at Flatbush Pavilion

Sarah from the Slope sent in this shot of the which has been “improved” by local movie buffs: “This was sent to me from my husband’s cell phone … I guess some artist-poets-vandals finally got tired of wondering when “Man on Fire” and “Van Helsing” would actually close… though I think the poet-vandals must have added some letters of their own, right? Or am I mis-remembering the movies that were on there before?”


Discuss: Van Helsing Vandals Strike! [dailyslope/dailyheights message boards]

Park Slope Restaurants That Suck?

Brace yourself for an extraordinary amount of hating on restaurants, old and new, in the Park Slope Message Boards.

Not even Aunt Suzie’s can escape the wrath: ” I would not recommend Aunt Suzies…” and: “I would never recommend Aunt Suzie’s, let alone for a special dinner…” and: ” I would also say a big no to Aunt Suzie…” and: “Aunt Suzie’s reminds me of the successful but soulless restaurant in ‘Big Night’… Almost anyone I know, and most pizza parlors, can make better red sauce…” and: “Plenty of folks love it because it’s cheap, and they don’t know what Italian food can taste like…” and: “Aunt Suzie’s is disgusting. Fun, family kind of place, but truly gross food… like ketchup on pasta.

With picky people like these, why would anyone even bother to open a restaurant in Park Slope that’s less than excellent? Well, that may be exactly what has happened–twice–on a certain streetcorner:

I’ve been intrigued by the dueling new restaurants on 7th and 3rd: Sette and Miracle Grill… We got the perfect outdoor table on the perfect balmy summer evening (at Settee) and then were promptly disappointed by truly mediocre food…

And this: “I had brunch at Miracle Grill a few weeks ago – it was terrible. I had Huevos Rancheros, which was a poached egg on a tortilla, with a small bit of salsa. No beans, no cheese, no sour cream. It sucked…

And on and on:

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UPDATE: “It’ll Only Take a Minute”

222-Vinicia.JPGFrom the Daily News: “A jilted lover who stalked his ex-girlfriend for two weeks erupted in a murderous rage yesterday – fatally shooting her and then himself at the hair salon she owned in Brooklyn … ‘I need to talk to you,’ Jorge Peguero, 54, told Vinicia (Dolores) Baez, 43, when he showed up at her Park Slope beauty parlor with a 9-mm. Glock hidden under his clothes.”

“It’ll only take a minute.”


SOURCE: Brooklyn Salon Owner Slain; Jilted lover kills ex & turns gun on self [NY Daily News]

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Park Slope “Gets Comfy” with Futura Bistro Modern

GioDiego.jpgAnyone been to Borgo Antico in Greenwich Village? Owner Giovanni Iovine (pictured, with Diego) and wife Lisa LoBue are opening “Futura Bistro Modern” on 9th St. in Park Slope. Partner in the venture is Davor Petrovic. Seems like Futura will be “affordable eats” and “comfort fare” that is “strongly influenced by the duo’s Argentine and Italian heritage” matched with wines from Italy, France, Argentina and the United States. Grand Opening is Sunday, Oct. 2nd at 6 pm.

Futura Bistro Modern | 287 9th Street, Park Slope, Brooklyn, 11215. 718.832.0085.
Hours: 12:00pm-midnight daily; brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

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Murder-Suicide In Park Slope Hair Salon

Did anybody know the woman, killed today, who ran Dolores Beauty Salon (318 11th St.)? WABC says she was “immensely popular” with her clientele:

WABC reports: “A hair salon owner was gunned-down in Brooklyn Monday by a man believed to have been her boyfriend who then turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. It happened at 11:45 a.m. at Dolores and Alex Hair Stylists on 11th Street in the Park Slope neighborhood.”

dolores beauty salon.jpg

“Witnesses say the gunman walked into the salon and confronted the woman in a back room, then shot her point blank in the head. He turned the gun on himself, and died on the scene … The woman, who has not yet been identified, was still alive in the moments after the shooting and was rushed to Methodist Hospital.”

“The gunman’s body remained in the salon, with a semi-automatic pistol lying in a pool of blood beside him …
The victim was immensely popular with her clients, many of whom crowded outside the crime scene in shock.”

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Best Pizza in Park Slope?

Smiling Pizza

Originally uploaded by GuyBrighton.

daniel asks in the Park Slope Message Boards: “Where’s the best pizzeria in Park Slope? I don’t mean brick-oven fancy-ass pies like at Franny’s or La Villa, but a place where you can get a good slice and a drink for $3 or $4. So far, the only place I’ve liked has been Pizza on the Park, on 3rd St right by 5th Ave – they make great a Grandma’s pizza. Every other place I’ve tried has been atrocious – sugary sweet sauces, rubbery crusts, and greasy cheese. Is there any other place worthwhile?”

Park Slope Message Board regulars sound off, and recommend: Tomato & Basil on 4th; Smiling Pizza on 7th Ave and 9th St. (“pretty good for a standard slice. It isn’t the most consistent… When it’s off it’s still acceptable”); Joe’s of Bleecker Street on 7th Ave. near Carroll; a place on the corner of 3rd Avenue and President (“FWIW, that general area of the Gowanus used to be Brooklyn’s Little Italy”); the little hole-in-the-wall next to Olive Vine on Seventh Ave. just north of Lincoln Pl. (“Oscar, the owner, used to work at the pizzeria up near Union St. …”); and many more…

HATING on the 5th Ave. pizza places: “They all generally suck hard …” “… minus the new entrants such as Pizza on the Park, … They tend to use very cheap ingredients, the places are dingy, etc.”

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