Best Pizza in Park Slope?

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daniel asks in the Park Slope Message Boards: “Where’s the best pizzeria in Park Slope? I don’t mean brick-oven fancy-ass pies like at Franny’s or La Villa, but a place where you can get a good slice and a drink for $3 or $4. So far, the only place I’ve liked has been Pizza on the Park, on 3rd St right by 5th Ave – they make great a Grandma’s pizza. Every other place I’ve tried has been atrocious – sugary sweet sauces, rubbery crusts, and greasy cheese. Is there any other place worthwhile?”

Park Slope Message Board regulars sound off, and recommend: Tomato & Basil on 4th; Smiling Pizza on 7th Ave and 9th St. (“pretty good for a standard slice. It isn’t the most consistent… When it’s off it’s still acceptable”); Joe’s of Bleecker Street on 7th Ave. near Carroll; a place on the corner of 3rd Avenue and President (“FWIW, that general area of the Gowanus used to be Brooklyn’s Little Italy”); the little hole-in-the-wall next to Olive Vine on Seventh Ave. just north of Lincoln Pl. (“Oscar, the owner, used to work at the pizzeria up near Union St. …”); and many more…

HATING on the 5th Ave. pizza places: “They all generally suck hard …” “… minus the new entrants such as Pizza on the Park, … They tend to use very cheap ingredients, the places are dingy, etc.”

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