SCHNACK Coming to Brooklyn Lyceum

lyceum_by_drew_pisarra.jpg pitu wrote in the Park Slope Message Boards about Schnack coming to the Brooklyn Lyceum [CitySearch] on 4th Ave. and Union St. : “the waste of space is getting Schnacks?!” Meanwhile, Jack wonders who will climb two stories’ worth of stairs for that…

…and the answer is, daveb: “I’d climb more if i had to. A five decker cheeseburger from Schnack with bacon, mushrooms, onions, Schnack sauce and habanero sauce, coupled with fries and a huge Jever is my personal happy place that i retreat to in those dark moments. It’s the only burger I eat with a knife and fork. ”

Hmm… When’s lunch?

MORE: Schnack Opening in the Lyceum [Park Slope Message Boards]

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