On the Coming Park Slope Restaurant Shakedown

Pictured: The people from Minnow were handing out
free oysters on the half shell in a Katrina relief fundraiser at the

Grand Army Plaza greenmarket this past Saturday

Famdoc wrote in the Park Slope Message Boards: “Long-time Park Slope residents can recall when the nabe was a wasteland, restaurant-wise. Any decent restaurant was doomed by boomers who preferred fast-food or trips to Manhattan.”

“Then came Cucina. And Al Di La. And Blue Ribbon. And Cocotte. And Belleville. And The Minnow. And now the explosion. What is clear is that the large number of restaurants on Fifth Ave. and the new additions on Seventh cannot all survive. How will things shake down? Well, people vote with their pocketbooks …”

“Tastes change, but PS is full of people with sophisticated taste. What tasted good at Belleville two years ago doesn’t taste as good now that you’ve tried Stone Park. Al Di La still creates masterpieces. Blue Ribbon’s fish is fresher than almost anywhere, except maybe The Minnow. A half-dozen sushi chefs around the slope create inventive sushi. Everyone likes to try the new place.”

“What’s a person to do? Look for creativity. Look for value. Look for ambience. If you’re 25 years old and want to drink, ambience means crowds and noise. If, like me, you’re in your forties and accustomed to NYC restaurants, you want a quiet room, the ability to see and hear your dining companion, fresh, inventive food and good wine.”

“Communicate with fellow PSers about your experiences. This blog is one forum. An even better forum is chowhound.com. Don’t be afraid to tell a waitperson, host or owner what you liked and what you didn’t like about their restaurant. (I’ve eaten at Stone Park frequently since they opened. Following last year’s two star NYTimes review, they copped an attitude, which only got more unpleasant during Brooklyn restaurant week. I shared my concern with a hostess and was happy to see things revert back to the old warmth I expected there).”

“A year from now, at least a dozen PS restaurants will be out of business. That leaves three dozen to thrive and thrill our tastebuds. Support the restaurants that please you.”

Posted in the thread “Sette on 7th – ick” [Park Slope Message Boards]

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