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“Barrio Plates” is the New Barrio Restaurant, Opens Monday

Photo: Brooklyn Paper

As reported on Grubstreetand elsewhere, the Park Slope Mexican restaurant Barrio will reopen Monday as Barrio Plates, with a whole new look (goodbye, pink paint job; hello, blown glass and antiqued mirrors). The new menu, created with the help of chef Martell Fonville (al di là) will be Latin-tinged “Nouveau American” (e.g. calamari in Dominican-style honey glaze).

Consensus of Barrio reviews is pretty much, great food but pricey, and Yelp’s got it hovering right around 3 stars.

Wonder how Barrio Plates will stack up on a deliciousness-to-price ratio. Tacking on “Plates” seems to imply that it won’t be cheap. Some of the small plates include:

  • Almond stuffed dates wrapped in bacon with blue cheese dipping sauces ($9)
  • Squash soup with fried sage, shaved parmesan & nutmeg ($7)
  • Bacon wrapped snapper with frisee salad ($16)
  • “Ultimate sliders” of flank, brisket, short ribs smothered in smoked bacon marmalade ($13)

Oh, and they’re hiring.

Baluchi’s is Open! -PSYCH! Nope!

Though we had hoped this long awaited Indian food chain was opening tonight, alas we are out of luck. Latest word from the employees I talked to tonight was that it may be opening tomorrow. From the looks of the unassembled kitchen I’m guessing it’s more like next week. Sorry to get your hopes up folks.

Baluchi’s on Fifth Avenue Opening Today

Local Indian restaurant chain Baluchi’s is opening up its doors in the Slope today (for takeout at least) over on Fifth Avenue and 3rd Street. There’s a lot of gushing going on at the discussion boards:

ljnd: I have friends from Mumbai, fabulous cooks, who swear by them. I’ve taken friends from Rome and London there – they’ve loved it – and my 10 year old is nuts about it. (But she’ll eat anything with chickpeas.) I’m so excited about this! And they have a website which permits you to place orders online, so when that’s up and running, I am in deep trouble….

peanutbuttercup: OMGOD THAT IS AMAZING

doublediamond: Finally, good Indian in the hood!

Add your own Baluchi’s praise here: Park Slope Message Board – Baluchi’s Indian on 5th Ave opening this week!!!! ::

Gowanus Lounge Confirms Hanco’s is Coming to Town!

The Gowanus Lounge via The Brooklyn Paper has now confirmed that Vietnamese sandwich shop Hanco’s will open in the old Tea Lounge space as we reported earlier. The Brooklyn Paper writes:

The shop will have an expanded tea selection, and Ting said they are considering opening a coffee bar. But the main attraction will be the banh mi, that delectable French-influenced Vietnamese sandwich that comprises spicy pork, pickled vegetables and a mayonaise-like spread piled high into a baguette — a remnant of France’s one-time dominance in Indochina.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Park Slope’s Prayers Have Been Answered: Vietnamese Sandwiches on 7th Avenue

It was only recently in the Lookout Hill is closing thread that Belzjm remarked on what business should move into the neighborhood:

i think if someone with an already established brand came and set up shop there, it would be a huge hit.
like nicky’s vietnamese sandwich shop. although i think that this particular space is too large for something like that…

Well someone heard our prayers, and according to the Gowanus Lounge, the old Tea Lounge on 7th Avenue and 10th Street will become a Vietnamese sandwich shop. Hallelujah! A GL tipster writes:

It looks like something will be moving into the Old Tea Lounge location on 7th Avenue and 10th Street soon. Men have been seen working on the space the past week. A neighbor informed me this morning that she had asked them what was coming in and they told her a Vietnamese Sandwich Shop.

We’re trying not to get too excited, but realy!?! Banh Mi?? In the Slope!? Throw in some bubble tea and I’m in heaven.

Rosewater Pig – Too Intelligent to Roast (in Public)?

Dinner at Rosewater!

Originally uploaded by Sugar Pond.

Did you smell the smoke? Jamzer says: “Rosewater is one of my favorite restaurants in all of NYC. I wish they would improve the service a little, but it is still fantastic. They do the pig roast every Fall. Yummmmmmmmyyyyyyyyy!”

SOME PIG: As might be expected in a neighborhood like Park Slope, not everyone is thrilled by seeing a friendly, big-brained, tail-waggling creature splayed out on a metal stick. The discourse on the Park Slope Message Board is quite civil, but findcate does explain her personal aversion to public roasting:

“I guess it’s just that pigs have the same brain structure as us, they nurture and love their young, and they have to suffer thru unbearable conditions and abuse being raised as meat. I guess the intelligence of pigs just makes me empathize with them, so I see the pig in that photo as a tortured corpse more than an appetizing meal, and I would be totally grossed out if I walked past it on the sidewalk. I think it’s really intrusive of rosewater.”

Where do you draw the line? Are chickens dumb enough to eat? Octopi are pretty intelligent… but not very cuddly. Sorry tentacle dudes, you lose… get in my frutta de mare!

More on Public Pig Politics: read the Park Slope Message Board

Late Night Eats in Park Slope – The Short List

Smiling Pizza 2

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1. Albaz, on Flatbush by the 7th Ave subway station. Great late-night cheeseburger!
2. If you’re feeling like spending some money, the kitchen at Blue Ribbon is open really late every night.
3. If you can get to Mango or Smiling Pizza on 7th Ave before 12 AM, you’re lucky.
4. If you want a cold, stale bagel, the bagel shop on 5th + garfield is open 24 hours.
5. If you want a full, sit-down meal, go to Tavern on Dean in PH – their kitchen is open mega late (3 a.m. on weekends, I think).
6. Daisy’s is open 24/7, and their pancakes are yummy.
7. 7th Avenue Donuts by 9th Street and 7th Ave. Open 24/7/365. Perfect for when you’re bombed and don’t give a shit about what’s on your plate.
8. The “Greasian” (Grecian) Corner at 4th St & 7th Ave. Try the grits.
9. Another option is DunkinDonuts at… I believe it’s 6th ave, and Atlantic, I think. If you go after midnight, you can get 4 donuts and 2 cappuccinos for $4.
10. There’s a White Castle at Atlantic and Grand! so worth the trip.

Kudos to the resident gourmands of the Park Slope Message Board

Best of Park Slope

Red Horse Cafe, Brooklyn

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Yavel’s list:

Best Loaf – Lopez Bakery – 5th ave bet 18 th and 19th St. The bread is very good and cheap. I always get the 7 grain. They make a nice loaf, but stay away from the pastry. The bread is baked fresh every day, but the other stuff tends to be stale. Haven’t tried the tamales yet.

Bakery – Two Little Red Hens – 8th Ave. They’re expensive, but so good.

Bodega/small grocer – La Dolce Vita – 7th Ave – Clean store and nice owner, also has a good beer selection

Toy Store – Toy Space on 7th ave around 13th – Nice selection of toys, if a bit overpriced. This place has saved me on a few occasions when I had to get a quick gift for a kid. There’s also a place on 5th ave, but I can’t remember the name.

Children’s Shoes – Windsor Shoes – Prospect Park West – The staff is very helpful and they have a good selection.

Pizza – Pino’s La Forchetta – 7th Ave – classic pizza joint

Coffee Shop – 6th ave and 12th St – Red Horse Cafe – good coffee and not crowded

Sandwich shop – Pollios – 5th Ave – Good hoagies and specialty foods. It has a nice, neighborhood feel.

More lists in the Park Slope Message Boards

Miracle (Grill) on 7th

blurry ladies

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How many times has this NOT happened when it should have? KosherDave reports on Actual Customer Service, occurring at Miracle Grill on 7th Ave. in Park Slope, on the Park Slope Message Board: “… long story short, our waitress dropped a ramekin filled with catsup onto the floor next to our table, and we were both covered. We wear wearing white linen pants. It was messy.”

“The owner, however, proved to be the real miracle worker. He rushed us some club soda, lots of napkins and comp’ed our meal (obviously). He also said we should bring him the dry cleaning bills.”

“Fast forward to last week, I brought in the cleaning bills (11 bucks) and he asked how everything turned out. Our shirts were fine, so were her pants, mine still had some faint spots, but they were older pants and I did not think he needed to replace them or anything, they already did all they could and were very apologetic.”

“The owner said he was really sorry about the whole thing and as he was giving me the money for the dry cleaning, he also gave me a gift cert for dinner for two, plus cocktails.”

“Anyway, just wanted to send a shout out to that particular local business owner. He was really cool about something that could have really been a bitch of a situation. We’ll keep going back with service/ownership like that. Nice job!”

LINK: Miracle on 7th [Park Slope Message Board]

When Bees Attack: Sotto Voce Edition

Nate of the Apiary writes: “Hello, I saw a swarm of angry bees attack Sotto Voce the other day. I have a silly photo narrative of the events up. Thought you would like it.”

Nate narrates: “Thousands of angry and deadly bees attack the restaurant for no good reason. Outdoor patrons scramble for cover. Gawkers flock to every corner of the block to get a close (but not too close) look at the madness…” More on The Apiary