Montauk Club / Open House New York Weekend

Photos of Open House New York 2004 in Brooklyn:

openhouse-bk-4.JPGJessicaSophia writes in the Message Boards:

“The thread about Open House New York got me to thinking about Montauk Club. When my fiance and I were looking for a site for our wedding, we toured the Montauk Club and actually considered becoming members (partly so we could say haughtily, “You must dine with us at the club!”

“…is anyone here a member? Please dish! It seems like a cool concept to be part of a social club.”

Montauk Club Members? [Message Boards]
Open House NY (Discussion)[Message Boards]
Open House NY official site []

PS. What is Open House NY? daveb explains: “for those who don’t know, this weekend (Oct. 8-9) is Open House New York. I can vouch that the electrical plant tour at Pratt is freakin’ amazing. Here’s some close-up photos from last year:

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