Cocoa Bar Chided for Improper Capitalization

From lowercase L, a Park Slope blog dedicated to William Levin’s obsession/annoyance with hand-written signs with letters in all-caps, except for the letter L (“It looks like an uppercase i … WHY DO PEOPlE WRITE lIKE THIS?”):

glassofpino.jpg“This chalkboard menu sits outside the new Cocoa Bar, a coffee, chocolate and wine lounge around the corner from me on 7th Ave. in Park Slope, Brooklyn. What makes this sign extra special is not just the GlASS, but the GlASS of PINOT BlANCO … or is it BIANCO?! See, Pinot Bianco is the Italian term for a varietal pressed from the family of Pinot grapes, and Pinot Blanco is the Latin term. So is this a case of double lowercase L’s, with GlASS and the Latin BlANCO? And then there’s that GIANDUJA Chocolate …

William concludes: “I am reluctant to patronize this establishment, at least until they fire the employee who wrote this menu.”

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