Co-Op “Cell Rage” Could Perpetuate Lousy T-Mobile Coverage in Park Slope

Today in the New York Times: “Like many shareholders in his 72-unit co-op in Park Slope, Brooklyn, Jay Joe Jakubowitz was furious in July when he received a letter from the building’s board of directors announcing that cellphone antenna equipment would soon be installed on the roof above his eighth-floor apartment.”

“… a civil war of sorts has raged in the building at 130 Eighth Avenue, one that started with basement meetings full of shouting and culminated last week with the decision by a group calling itself Concerned Shareholders to hire a lawyer to try to stop the project, which was authorized by the co-op’s board … the opposition group … represents 25 apartments. A board member also quit in protest.”

“At issue are three radio base stations and six antennas. Tomorrow, T-Mobile USA plans to begin installing them atop the co-op, an eight-story red-brick building on Carroll Street and Eighth Avenue, within the Park Slope Historic District. The equipment will weigh more than seven tons, and its 15-inch-tall antenna panels will be bolted to the parapet. In exchange, the co-op will receive $1,800 a month from T-Mobile USA.”

Link: Cell Rage Roils a Co-op on a Historic Block [New York Times]

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