Best Dessert in Park Slope?

Where is the best dessert to be found in Park Slope? You’ve done Two Little Red Hens, and admired their pig stool (thanks, Ranjit). What’s the alternative, Jane asks in the Park Slope Message Boards?

Daniel says the Opera cake at Cousin Johns (7th Ave + Berkely) is “incredible… Most of the baked goods there are great – we had a chocolate ganache cake (as they were out of Opera cake, and we forgot to pre-order) for my birthday …”

When it comes to baked goods in South Brooklyn, however, Court Street is the place to go, according to Jack: “The Slope simply does not have anything that comes close to the goodness of the stuff over there… It depends on tastes, but it’s yuppie-ish and good and it’s called Sweet Melissa has some great stuff. You defiinitely pay a little more, but it’s very much worth it.”

“If you want Cannoli and some great Italian pastries, Court Pastry is great as well. Not too heavy when it should not be too heavy. And just the right balance of richness all around. These are Italian baked goods exactly as they should be…”

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