Buildings from Hell: Do You Know One?

From the Daily News:
“Peeling paint. No heat. An overwhelming stench of sewage in the halls… Welcome to life at 152 Fourth Ave. – one of five ‘buildings from hell’ in Park Slope where a landlord is trying to drive tenants from their rent-stabilized homes, housing advocates charge…”

“Organizers from the Fifth Avenue Committee charge landlord Gustav Rodriguez has refused to provide heat or make necessary repairs to the buildings as a way to harass tenants into leaving.

DOES IT WORK? “Guerra said last year the 40 apartments in the buildings were full. Now only eight are occupied.”

LANDLORD REBUTTAL: “Rodriguez insisted Friday he has done nothing wrong: ‘Everything that the court told me to do I did.'”

Ah ha ha… a tenant’s dream: the landlord who does everything… everything that he is forced to do by a court of law!

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