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Eyesore at 7th Ave and 2nd Street: Will the Nash Building Escape Foreclosure?

building at 7th Ave and 2nd St in Park Slope - Real Estate

According to Brownstoner, this week’s Community Board 6 meeting included an appearance by Rachel Nash, daughter of the owner of 187 7th Avenue, the famously dilapidated Park Slope building.

Apparently Rachel started talking about plans to launch an art gallery and artist housing, but CB6 members quickly steered the conversation to “foreclosure pressure” on the building; Rachel reportedly said that her family is “trying to appeal” foreclosure actions.

The Nash Building in Park Slope has been a lightning rod for controversy and criticism: “It is a small miracle that only one person has been injured thus far by falling debris from this building,” snarkslope said in a Brooklynian post about the Park Slope building foreclosure. ‘It is a disaster waiting to happen … After proving for 20 years that the owners will do nothing to the building but neglect it, it is unsafe to even walk near, much less occupy in its current state. I cross the street to avoid it.”

“What a terrible, immoral way to treat a once-beautiful space on a prime corner in a fabulous neighborhood.”

Park Slope Townhouse for Sale: 178 Garfield Place Still on the Market

Source: Habitually Chic

178 Garfield Pl has now been listed on Zillow for at least 50 days at $3.75 million despite a Zestimate of about $2.9 million (estimated mortgage: $13,992/mo). This 7-story, 3.5 bath Park Slope townhouse was built in the late 19th century. It is 4,400 square feet, and was last sold in July 04 2004 for $1.3 million. Since then, the place has been featured prominently in Domino, Livingetc, and other publications.

A lot of the attention is due to its present inhabitants — J. Crew creative director Jenna Lyons and her husband, artist Vincent Mazeau, who are apparently getting divorced. According to a report on Zillow, Mazeau might get the home in a settlement. After Lyons and Mazeau purchased this Park Slope home in 2004, they gutted it before doing a stunning remodel, including plaster cornices, an open double parlor, restored limestone mantels, and aged pine floors.

Prime 7th Ave building for sale. Those interested in active streetlife and retail need not inquire.

If you’re looking for an easy way to dispose of that $5.75 million lotto winning, perhaps you’d be interested in 501 2nd Street? You know the building: across the street from PS321 and the Second Street Cafe, it’s a handyman’s special with a prime Seventh Ave ground floor retail space that’s been vacant for years.

Just don’t fire up those grand plans… the building (sans the top-floor duplex apartment) is already “100% triple net leased to one tenant.”

More, including the full real estate listing, on the Daily Slope discussion boards.

Is $270K a Deal in Windsor Terrace?


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agg writes on the Park Slope Message Board: “I’m thinking about buying a studio in Windsor Terrace. It’s a nice place, just next to the park, but it’s also small, about 500 sq. feet. I put a bid in for about 270K, and the seller accepted. Am I getting a reasonable deal?”

“The common charges and taxes are quite low (about $200/month). I’m just a little anxious because I haven’t been able to find many comparable apartments in the neighborhoods to look at. I’m also a first-time home buyer, so I’m kind of anxious about this whole process… “

Hmm… how many closets and hallways are included in that 500 square feet? Comments on the Park Slope Message Board

Pavilion Movie Theater Going Condo?

UPDATE:Probably just a scurrilous rumor. Updates from Ben and WINNERBK suggest that there has been a change of ownership, but that the theater itself isn’t going anywhere. WINNERBK says: “I heard from a reliable source that the Pavilion Movie Theater is going to remain a movie theater and WON’T be converted to luxury condos. My sources tell me that there is a long term lease with the theater and that it will continue as a theater for the next 20 years.”

Kensingtonmom writes on the Park Slope Message Board: “Has anyone heard this rumor? I know Pavilion is not the greatest theater, but I like having a movie theater in the neighborhood. Do we need MORE luxury condos?”

Here’s a snippet from the e-mail (or PSP post?) in question: “For those of you who haven’t heard, the Pavillion Movie Theater, as of June 12, is under contract to be sold to a developer, One Liberty Properties, Inc, to be turned into a condo building. It’s not clear what can be done to prevent it at this point… I called my block association but they are divided because they think the theater makes it harder to park on our block and many would rather have a residential building there.”

Brooklynpotter says this would only make the parking on 15th St. worse than it is already. He says the Pavillion has been a theater of one sort or another since the 1940s, at least:”I have a pic of it from when the buses going by were electrified… my accountant’s secretary grew up here and she performed in talent shows there. and i hear from another friend who grew up here that the guy who used to own it brought all the day old candy over to the 14th street jewish center on sundays.”

As Carnivore points out, the closing of the Pavilion would leave BAM as the only remotely walkable theater in the neighborhood. Netflix, anyone?

Rumor control in the Park Slope Message Board

How to Get Past a Park Slope Co-op Board

Big Sale Rose

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Dress in a suit.

Keep calm.

Speak when spoken to.

Don’t volunteer too much.

Be yourself (unless you are a dog-breeding rock star).

Small co-ops: be enthusiastic about helping with the chores (garbage, cleaning, etc.)

Prepare to be asked about your job, finances, large credit card balances, or other liabilities.

Don’t lie outright, but of course, you don’t like loud parties, being awake after 8:00pm, doing construction ever, or even walking in shoes in your place.

Thanks to Jamzer posting in the Park Slope Message Boards

Moving From Park Slope to Bay Ridge

Positively snowy 4th St.

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cat writes in the Park Slope Message Boards: “I’ve been looking at apartments in Bay Ridge… I’ve heard that a lot of people from Park Slope have been moving there.”

“I know it’s *not* Park Slope (I actually have more favorite restaurants there than in PS tho’!) but any personal experiences or knowledge about it?”

Read replies: Park Slope Message Boards

Landlord vs Tenant (or, Daily Slope in the Daily News)

Many thanks to reporter extraordinaire Hugh Son for highlighting the saga of the tenants at 598 6th Street (see “Mr. Livanos Peeping Through His Tenant’s Collapsed Ceiling”). Hugh writes in his Daily News article:

“Brown liquid poured into Marian Tortorella’s ground-floor apartment yesterday as workers did exterior cleaning… A 7-foot section of Tortorella’s ceiling collapsed in September, and pictures she took were posted recently on a Park Slope community Web site (”

“But Livanos said he wasn’t trying to force tenants out – he just wanted to make repairs. ‘Right now it’s a doghouse and we’re spending a lot of money to fix it up properly,’ said Livanos, who bought the building in March for $1.8 million, according to city records.”

Discuss Landlords vs Tenants: Park Slope Message Boards

Abandoned Crap in the Slope: Neglect or Revenge?


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From the Dream-on-You-Frustrated-Renter Dept.:

Diane writes in the Park Slope Message Boards: “On my block (6th Ave. btw 10th-11th St.) there is a vacant house that’s been there at least as long as I have (17 yrs.) … there are massive holes in the roof … Last year someone walking on the rooftop – drunk – fell through the roof into the vacant building. Luckily, he had a cell phone and was able to call for help.”

“… what I am wondering is, can the city condemn the building and have it torn down?”

“I know people have tried without success to purchase the property. The story is that the original owner — now deceased — left money in his will to pay the taxes in perpetuity, but also instructed his heirs never to sell — some kind of revenge thing with a neighbor, who of course is no longer there.”

PICTURED: A different eyesore in Park Slope, right off 7th Ave.

Read ’em and weep: Park Slope Message Boards

South Slope Zoning Battle: Over?

travisruse writes to Daily Slope: “South Park Slope has won its downzoning battle.”

“It’s official!! As of 2:40pm, Wednesday the 16th of November 2005, South Park Slope and Greenwood Heights have been downzoned. Another mindless R6 district has bitten the dust…”

“And so what happens to the numerous sites that were racing to be the clock? Namely the two Isaac Katan 12-story monsters on 15th and 16th streets. And also the Robert Scarano building which was going to block the view from Minerva to the Statue of Liberty. Well it looks like it might be a clean sweep in favor of the community… it looks like none have completed foundations… Read more…

BACKSTORY: Developers Run Amok in South Slope [Park Slope Message Board]