Bogota Bistro…

bogota bistro.JPG… has its own blog.

Jessica Berthold writes in The (Allentown, Pa.) Morning Call: “The site chronicles the journey of Allentown native Farid Ali as he opens a Latin restaurant with a friend in trendy Park Slope, Brooklyn. It takes the reader from the beginning steps of procuring loans, through hiring (and firing) staff, all the way to September’s grand opening party and beyond.”

The article quotes Ali: “… Now I’m looking at it as a way to record some stories about my experiences in the restaurant, as well as a marketing tool. People come into the restaurant and joke and say ”Will I be on the blog?’ because I like to take photos of customers. I think they kind of dig it.”

“I didn’t anticipate lifting boxes at the age of 40, hauling meat and fish over my shoulders. Also, quite often your employees make more money than you. The dishwasher makes more than me right now.” Read more…

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