South Slope Zoning Battle: Over?

travisruse writes to Daily Slope: “South Park Slope has won its downzoning battle.”

“It’s official!! As of 2:40pm, Wednesday the 16th of November 2005, South Park Slope and Greenwood Heights have been downzoned. Another mindless R6 district has bitten the dust…”

“And so what happens to the numerous sites that were racing to be the clock? Namely the two Isaac Katan 12-story monsters on 15th and 16th streets. And also the Robert Scarano building which was going to block the view from Minerva to the Statue of Liberty. Well it looks like it might be a clean sweep in favor of the community… it looks like none have completed foundations… Read more…

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One Reply to “South Slope Zoning Battle: Over?”

  1. This was not a victory for the community. Home owners have had their property devaluated, prices of condos and apartments are kept artificially high (the two are not mutually exclusive) and all this done in a back-handed way. If you truly wanted to do this in a democratic manner it would have been voted on by the public, by the home owners, during the November elections. Instead you rob people of their property, of their hopes and dreams and congratulate yourselves on your victory.

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