Best Apartment Brokers in Park Slope?

chitownguy01 writes in the Park Slope Message Boards: “My wife and I are moving to NYC in a couple months. We’re strongly considering renting in Park Slope. Has anyone used a broker to find their apartment? Any good ones you can recommend? Any ones to stay away from?”

“I bought a book a couple months ago that listed the following brokers:”

-Aguayo and Huebener
-William B. Mary
-Berman Realty
-Rita Knox Realty
-Gurl Realty

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  1. Try They have a new superstar agent with a number of properties in the Slope.

  2. I grew up in Park Slope right near the park and have thought about coming home for years.I’m a teacher who needs to get connected with school vacancies and an apartment I can afford,nothing fancy just safe.Suggestions? Maybe it’s just a dream but I’ve missed it so much.

  3. I’ll be getting married soon and am thinking to move to Park Slope as well… What can I expect to pay for a place in Park Slope for a 1 bedroom? How is Prospect Heights and South Park Slope. Are the neighborhoods nice? Or should I be trying to stay in Park Slope central? Would like to have good access to the trains and seems like Prospect heights would be good for that… it also seems that Prospect heights is a little cheaper? why is this?

  4. Aguayo and Huebener. We used them and the broker was great. She got us in a place that already had a possible tenant lined up. She helped us win over the landlords and the place is amazing.

  5. My husband, 2 yr old son and I are moving to Brooklyn and have heard great things about Park Slope. Are there any areas to stay away from. Any great neighborhoods/cross streets to look for? We are looking for a 2 bedroom….but cannot afford too much.

  6. Are you kidding me?
    I grew up here I have spent all 27 years of my life here. Now I have two children and I cant afford to live here. My max is $1500 per month.
    I was here in the mid 90’s when fifth avenue was struggling & now it has changed to one of the prime areas, with the best school district in Brooklyn. But I cant afford it and the neighborhood I watched change can be enjoyed by a bunch of newbies.

  7. we have 2 apartments 4 rent in middle/end of January in slope right off PPark. no fees. deposit required. would need to do background check. in p.s. 107.

  8. I just moved from 21st and 5th (South South Slope/Greenwood Heights) to 9th st and 7th ave… and have to say that I preferred it over there. The vibe is much younger, more diverse, more affordable, quieter, and full of more working families and local businesses. I liked the proximity to PS proper (easy 1 mile walk or bus ride down 5th) for a night out or shopping. If you like PS, but can’t afford rent here, I’d definitely check out the 18th-23rd street region. I really enjoyed living there.

  9. I just closed on a huge 1br in south slope. Between 5th and 6th, near 20th. We got it for a steal at 1600. Great area, and we were starting to get discouraged because 1600 was our max. We went thro Ideal real estate on 3rd and 9th. Dave our agent was the best agent in the area IMO. We tried a couple others, 1 in C. Gardens, and one other on 7th in p. Slope. But both of those two just were not helpful and because we didnt have unlimited money they made us feel like we were not good enough. Dave was great, he showed us a bunch of good places and worked with the landlords. I believe money well spent!

  10. I am a landlord and if you want the best deal its best to get a broker. As a park slope landlord I don’t have the time to show an apartment to 100 people and do a credit check. That’s why I list my apartments with brokers. When I list them with a broker I ask for a lower then market rate rent in order to compensate for the brokers fee and insure that the apartment is rented fast. A broker will also save you lots of time looking at apartments that are not true to their listing (not really in park slope, not a true 2 bedroom, etc etc).

    On that note…Aguayo and Huebener are pretty good. However, I tend to use brokers on 5th avenue because that’s where my properties are located.

    Best of luck on your search. You will love Park Slope.

  11. That’s just the advice that I needed! My boyfriend and I are ready to leave our roommates at the end of May and find a great place to start our lives in Park Slope we love the neighborhood! We are looking to spend no more than $1500 a month and if possible put a deopist down by the end of March 1st of April, I will be sure to contact the people you reccomended! Thank you and do you have any other advice for me?

  12. Hi,

    I’m a third year law student looking for a 1-2br apartment to share with a classmate. We plan to stay for at least 3-5yrs while we get our profession down.

    Because we are students, we’d like to avoid brokers. Anyone know of a place for rent here in Park Slope or know of a good search forum for no fee apartments other than craigslist?

    If so please reply or email me at [email protected].


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