Eyesore at 7th Ave and 2nd Street: Will the Nash Building Escape Foreclosure?

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According to Brownstoner, this week’s Community Board 6 meeting included an appearance by Rachel Nash, daughter of the owner of 187 7th Avenue, the famously dilapidated Park Slope building.

Apparently Rachel started talking about plans to launch an art gallery and artist housing, but CB6 members quickly steered the conversation to “foreclosure pressure” on the building; Rachel reportedly said that her family is “trying to appeal” foreclosure actions.

The Nash Building in Park Slope has been a lightning rod for controversy and criticism: “It is a small miracle that only one person has been injured thus far by falling debris from this building,” snarkslope said in a Brooklynian post about the Park Slope building foreclosure. ‘It is a disaster waiting to happen … After proving for 20 years that the owners will do nothing to the building but neglect it, it is unsafe to even walk near, much less occupy in its current state. I cross the street to avoid it.”

“What a terrible, immoral way to treat a once-beautiful space on a prime corner in a fabulous neighborhood.”

Apartments for Rent in Park Slope: 13 Bedrooms on Lincoln Place

For only $12,500 a month ($150,000/year), this entire brownstone featuring 13 rooms can be yours. That’s less than $1000 per room!

Eight of the rooms can be used as bedrooms in this Central Park Slope property. You’ll get a total of 3500 sq ft split between 4 floors (plus an 800 sq ft basement). Inside, the garden level front room is one of the most impressive (see listing), with oak raised panel walls. In addition to a 40′ deep back yard, you’ll get a pantry room with marble sink, two fireplaces, new full bathroom, and a new maple and granite eat-in kitchen.

Why buy when you can rent?

Apartment Hunting: Plan of Attack

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swimbtfly writes in the Park Slope Message Boards:

“So… If you were visiting the city this weekend (from Ithaca) and wanted to make appointments to look at apartments in prospect heights, what would be your plan of attack? I’m looking for a 2 BR for 1800 or less starting in June. I can come in this weekend and 1 more weekend in May.”

“Some of the CL stuff looks OK, but nothing specifically for June (when I want to move in). I’m thinking of contacting some of the brokerages from the thread over in the park slope forum, but I’m not sure how productive (or expensive) this would be.”

“I’ve found 1 listing in clinton hill from housingmaps.com that I’m looking at on Friday, but fear that its too far away from subways for a reasonable commute to midtown… “

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About That $7,000/Month Rental in Park Slope

04habi3184.jpgpitu writes in the Park Slope Message Boards: “I was already enjoying (the Sunday New York Times Real Estate) section way more than usual, with the “wreck” apt they envisioned fixing up in the cover story . . . then . . . the charming feature about the Slope family renting for more than $7000 a month. Is this not totally beyond the pale??”

J0518 adds: “I’d just want someone to shoot me right in the head if i’m ever stuck in the type of financial purgatory where i can’t afford to buy but am willing to pay 7K for rent a month….”

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Slope Versus Village (and Renting Versus Penury)

Blackoyster writes in the Park Slope Message Boards: “I moved to Park Slope about a year ago, and not a day goes by that I’m not happy to be here. This neighborhood is truly a melting pot. I have met every type of person on the street, and generally everyone has been pleasant to me. I would much rather live in the Slope than the Village…”

“Yes, there are families in the Slope. Imagine that! … My only beef is the price of rent. However … My wife and I both work in the city and we both find it very difficult to leave Brooklyn on our days off. The streets are clean, full of people (not so many tourists), loaded with great bars and restaurants, and any other type of shop you can imagine.”

J0518 adds: “I’ve lived in either Prospect Heights or Park Slope for almost 4 1/2 years now. I recently got married and, when my wife and I start talking about starting to save up for a house and no longer paying $1800 a month for rent, we always wind up at the same point: we’re happier paying the rent and staying here.”

“You have everything from the most beautiful park in NYC, a beautiful museum and botanical garden, an amazing selection of restaurants, and actual peace and quiet.”

“Yes, you will encounter your share of snobbery, but it never has to consume you. The runaway strollers, fake liberalism, and delusions that La Bagel Delight beats Bergen Bagels will have you cursing at times, but its more than worth it in the end. There’s no other place in NYC I’d rather live in, and I can’t imagine leaving anytime soon.”

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Mr. Livanos Peeping Through His Tenant’s Collapsed Ceiling

mr_livanos_Photo22_1.jpgVia Daily Slope Electronic Mail: “Mr. Livanos peeping down into tenants apartment after collapsing her ceiling in the dark giving no appologies. His mantra to Ms. Tortorella’s complaints were ‘this is not a pizza parlor, this is construction’ ”


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Best Apartment Brokers in Park Slope?

chitownguy01 writes in the Park Slope Message Boards: “My wife and I are moving to NYC in a couple months. We’re strongly considering renting in Park Slope. Has anyone used a broker to find their apartment? Any good ones you can recommend? Any ones to stay away from?”

“I bought a book a couple months ago that listed the following brokers:”

-Aguayo and Huebener
-William B. Mary
-Berman Realty
-Rita Knox Realty
-Gurl Realty

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Park Slope Single

Park Slope single.

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From the photostream of gak: “… Skipped 2 of the open houses and passed by the locations of 2 others to see this gem in Park Slope. Barrels of light and space, close to 7th Avenue and Prospect Park yet very quiet, the possibility of a lower rent for only one occupant…”

Bidding Wars on Rentals: Since When?

On calallillie.com:

“Alexis and I spent the better part of this weekend snooping around new neighborhoods …. We began the day visiting an open house in Park Slope– a beautiful 2BR brownstone floor through, nicely renovated with a great kitchen. The price was right, but when we got there, we realized that swarms of people had visited and that there would most likely be a rent bidding war. A bit crestfallen, we walked on, hitting South Slope/Greenwood Heights (is that really a neighborhood?) and Prospect Heights on Saturday, then the Gowanus area, Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens on Sunday.”

“End Result: Nothing is really available over this Labor Day stretch. Furthermore, since when do bidding wars happen with RENTALS?”

LINK: Searching for a New ‘Hood [callalillie.com]

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APARTMENT FOR RENT: Park Slope, 1BR, Available Sept. 1

One bedroom (with smaller additional room for office, etc.) floor thru (3rd Fl.) in a really nice brownstone; 1st St. btw 5th and 6th
High ceilings, great closets, dishwasher; Very good condition
Rent: $1,625 / month; No fee, one month security

“Owner indicates that he prefers a single person or couple, as the layout generally does not work in a roommate type situation.” More info: Park Slope Message Boards