Great Internet Outage of ’05: When Will it End?

sponsor_rr.gif8thandPrez reported last Monday that he’d beeh having sporadic connection issues that Time Warner initially blamed on “weak signal strength” between his modem and the outside world. That might make sense if there weren’t independent reports of problems from a whole bunch of people on the Park Slope Message Board, includng Drano, 8th&Carroll, Dope on the Slope, LiveToTravel, and StevieShamrocks, who writes:

“I was having problems with my cable box last week, and was given a prompt service call of 4 days later. I was told by the service guy (who was sooo happy to be here) that there are problems with TWC all over Brooklyn.”

“I asked if he had any other info, because I was alos having problems with IE and he gave me the technical lowdown “Fuck if I know.”

Dope on the Slope adds: “My god it’s an epidemic. I just had the tech here and he replaced my modem. Of course the problem returned within 45 minutes of his departure. I thought it might be problems with the exposed connections in the ‘backyards’ of Park Slope after the recent precipitation and freezes, but my TV is fine.”

Crisis updates: Park Slope Message Boards

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