Cityguide picks Stone Park as Best NYC Restaurant

So it looks like Stone Park on 5th Ave. in Park Slope took “best restaurant” honors in AOL cityguide’s City’s Best 2006 poll for New York–placing ahead of Gotham Bar & Grill, Gramercy Tavern, Daniel and Le Bernardin, among others.

Stone Park co-owner Josh Grinker told the Daily News: “… winning these types of contests really attests to the loyal support of our customers … We really see what we’re doing as bringing up the standard of neighborhood restaurants.

It’s true that Stone Park has its fans. And predictably, this has become another opportunity for us chronic complainers at Daily Slope to hold forth (do we like anything?). laura writes in the Park Slope Message Boards: “My boyfriend and I went there once … I can’t recall what we ate, but it was so underwhelming we decided never to bother again.”

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