The Next Hit Friends-ian Comedy, Live from Park Slope

quijibo writes in the Prospect Heights Message Boards:

the next “friends”ian hit tv series will be about…

a lesbian couple who adopt an ecuadorean orphan
who doublepark their strollers at the tea lounge
shop at the food co-op + back to the land
are vegan

and there’s al the window washer guy
this one brooklyn native,
who fancies himself to be mucho mucho street
i mean like streeter than street

al employs a bunch of hispanic men to wash store windows
up and down 5th avenue

and they have these amazingly decorated bicycles
with huge handlebars
festooned with decoration –fulla bling
and wait. do they drink?
yeh. they drink
and they all go to total wine bar for drinks

*these fotos are from my friend’s flickr blog

Not sure what this has to do with Stabbing Death in Prospect Park in the Prospect Heights Message Boards

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