Parking Spot Squat on 7th

What are car owners getting away with in Park Slope?

Monthly rent for a 750-sq-ft apartment in Park Slope: $2500
Hourly “rent” for a 250-sq-ft metered parking space: 25 cents


Did anyone see this or talk to these people? This was reported on a few days ago:

“On Saturday, a group of Livable Streets advocates staged a ‘parking squat’ in Park Slope, Brooklyn (see QuickTime video here). Organizers David Alquist, Jeff Prant and Geoff Zink showed up in front of the Connecticut Muffin shop on 7th Avenue and 1st Street at 9:00 am, dropped quarters in two parking meters, unfolded lawn chairs and proceeded to hang out, drink coffee, read the paper and chat with friends, neighbors and passersby in street space that would typically be occupied by two lifeless automobiles.”

“A parking squat challenges the idea that the vast majority of a crowded city’s street space–its public space–is best used for the storage and movement of private automobiles. Space is one of New York City’s most precious and valued commodities. The sidewalks of Park Slope’s shopping avenues are narrow and on nice weekends they are jam-packed. Yet, while pedestrians hauling strollers and shopping carts jostle up against one another on tiny strips of sidewalk, single-passenger vehicles frolic across vast swaths of asphalt.

“And while some people in this neighborhood pay as much as $2,500 per month to rent an apartment the size of a parking spot, renting an actual parking spot costs a mere 25 cents per hour.”

Is it really only a quarter?? If so, that’s maybe $3 a day (assuming meters are “read” only 12 hours per day) and $90 a month. At that rate, you could rent a 1,000-square foot apartment for $360 a month.

Read more here: Parking it in the Slope

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