Have You Seen This Guy?

… and do you think what he is doing is ethical?


Image source: Stay Free! Magazine

Jake Greene is a professional panhandler and a fixture on Berkeley & 7th. Guestpks writes in the Park Slope Message Boards: “He seems to be friends with everyone! So many people stop by to chat with him. I wonder…does he really need to be asking for money?

Well, THAT’S an innocent question, guaranteed not to cause a furor in the Park Slope Message Boards.

A little background: escap says the guy has been a fixture for decades: “I went to elementary school in Park Slope and that guy has been there since then (early 1980s), at least.” Over at Tremble they say that he was wrongly arrested a few years ago and received a six-figure settl/ement from the city – one that he’s already blown on “taffy and root beer popsicles, and now he’s back on the corner…”

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