Ranking of the 3 New Local Bars that Steve Hit Recently

farm 2 (Flatbush Farm)

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Steve writes in the Park Slope Message Boards:

Just came back from having a quick drink with friends at Union Hall, and…I’m less than impressed. I mean, Floyd’s has been open for how many years, and it’s more or less the same. I like it well enough, good beers and the little burgers look good, but it’s just too similar.

Of the 3 new local bars I went to this weekend, I would rank them:

1. Flatbush Farm
2. Cherry Tree
3. Floyd’s 2

New bars in the Park Slope Message Boards

One Reply to “Ranking of the 3 New Local Bars that Steve Hit Recently”

  1. What a very strange thing to write about Union Hall.

    Union Hall is like Floyd’s Plus. And even if it was exactly the same, what would be wrong with that? Floyd’s is a perfectly good bar. And it has bocce! Now people who want to play something other than pool and darts can do so right in Park Slope, rather than having to travel way down Atlantic.

    And like I said, it’s Floyd’s PLUS. Plus an expanded, interesting bar food menu – try the blue cheese balls. Plus an extra bocce court – less waiting! Plus lots and lots of awesome hardcover books lining the shelves, and other interesting, attractive design elements. Plus an outdoor area. Plus LOTS of bathrooms. Plus a whole ‘nother floor with a stage, featuring awesome bands & comedy!

    UH is the best new bar in Park Slope in a long time. Just as Floyd’s was the best new bar in whatever neighborhood that block on Atlantic is calling itself these days.

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