No Bikes in Greenwood Cemetery??

Cars: Of course.
Bikes: No.

communitybuilder writes: “The no bikes rule in Green-Wood Cemetery is bizarre, nonsensical, and most of all, a real shame. Why can’t I go with my old Brookyn cousin by bike to visit his parents’ graves?”

“That was our plan a couple of summers ago, but we weren’t allowed. Green-Wood management didn’t think biking to the grave site was ‘compatible with the decorum’ of the cemetery. Rather, they preferred us to visit the cemetary in an exhaust-spewing, loud, broken down ’87 Toyota pick-up. Rolling up in that piece o crap vehicle, we were given carte blanche to drive anywhere we wanted on the grounds. Rolling up on bikes, we were treated like criminals.”

“I think this rule is so ridiculous that I actually wrote Green-Wood’s management a letter a few years ago urging them to change the rule. I hope other people might write them too. Their response to me was that they view bicycles ‘as recreational in nature.’ Try telling that to the 130,000 New Yorkers who now use bikes to commute to work at various times during the year…”

“I know it seems weird to some people to get exercised about not being able to ride a bike around a graveyard. But it’s actually a common thing in other cities. I’ve done bike rides through the old historic cemetaries in other big cities, and it’s fantastic…”

“As to this idea that Green-Wood is all about decorum… the cemetery was originally conceived as a recreational area as well as a place to bury the dead…”

Time to give back Greenwood to the biking public? More info in the Prospect Heights Message Boards

6 Replies to “No Bikes in Greenwood Cemetery??”

  1. Bikes should be allowed. This was a park then a cemetery. Central Park was designed after this beautiful landscape. Do your research forgotten ny seriously. Take a walk thru you will see the lakes the ponds the hills. You should know this area was a vacation spot…picnic spot …healthiest place park to be in during the summer months… for many manhatten families. Horse and Carriages had wheels, cars have wheels no different. They have their own police force inside Greenwood. I think they can handle bikers let alone the cars that run thru. The first wedding was actually held inside Greenwood last summer. Never allowed before. Something has to change. Time to get a petition going. This is a true gem. They could have their own bike tours.

  2. I COMPLETELY agree. I spent this past weekend walking around Greenwood after having to lock my bike at the door. I wasn’t able to get to some graves on the otherside beacuase the place is so big. I will also send a letter.

  3. Greenwood has been comming around to new ideas over the years thanks to a progressive manager there. mr. Moniyan I belive. They did have a two hour bike ride in 07 I belive. I bike and live near Greenwood, they should consider a Bike Trial for a couple of hours in the summer and fall, if Bikers are respectful which i belive they would be it could work. And franly I would love it!! Hoofing around there is a chore and if I could bike in thee sometimes I would be finally able to cover aALL OF THE Place.

    Pat Kinsella
    South Brooklyn.

  4. greenwood isn’t a park, it’s a cemetery, a still functioning one at that. my grandfather is buried there. there is a level of quiet that my family expects when visiting his grave. when he was first buried there in 91, the rules for visiting were much stricter. you could not get in without a pass. yes it is a lovely place, but one of rest for those buried there, not for your recreation. prospect park is nearby. go ride there.

  5. Then i think everyone should visit Greenwood in their cars. lets kill all the trees there with fumes and smoke. GREAT IDEA

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