Mail Delivery Problems in South Slope

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…………Missing Netflix DVDs… Lunch breaks in the mysterious green lockboxes… lines out the door on 9th Street… surly clerks who would rather ring your neck than sell stamps… Could it get any worse?

Shinybeast writes on the Park Slope Message Board:

What in the heck is up with the mail service in Park Slope (South)? I’ve never seen so many errors with delivery during my time in Brooklyn (15 years plus). I live in a two-family and we constantly get mail for people with addresses not really close to ours (we’re on a street, we repeatedly get mail for people who live on avenues). I’ve lived in Greenpoint (two locations), Williamsburg & Sunnyside, Queens and have never experienced anything even remotely like it. It’s pretty disturbing how wrong they get it repeatedly. Anyone else notice this? Our mail gets routed through the P.O. on 9th street. I don’t even want to think about how much of my mail has ended up 17 blocks away…

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  1. We’ve had some problems with our mail delivery in Brooklyn Heights, too. Our stuff goes through the Cadman Plaza P.O. and, though our stories aren’t nearly as bad as some of these coming out of South Slope, we’ve still had a number of mangled and missing items (the Netflix DVDs seem to be the main targets). The real question seems to be: what the heck is up with the mail service all over this part of Brooklyn? It must be the rocks…yeah, definitely the rocks.

  2. I have frequently had problems with the mail since I moved to Park Slope. My biggest problem is more with how mail is put in mailboxes when it finally does get delivered. For some reason even though the mailbox is tall, the mail gets crammed in sideways and is folded or bent 3 times or more. This didnt work out well for a DVD in the mail.

  3. Oh My God, YES!!! to the person complaining about South Slope mail delivery. I’ve actually always been a fan of the postal system (I’m a geek like that), and living here has almost made me reverse my opinion of them. I get mail for the wrong addresses every day almost. A neighbor of mine actually got the wrong piece of mail delivered to him three seperate times!!! Same piece of mail, and it wasn’t even for OUR STREET. How does that happen? Not to mention the crazy long lines if you need to retrieve a package on 9th…I don’t think they even really try to deliver them in the first place. But I guess I shouldn’t complain…the carrier before the one I have now (same street), used to leave my mail on the ground in the rain if she got ticked off….I heard she finally got promoted….

  4. Yep, same here. We’re on Jackson PLACE, we get mail for Jackson STREET (in w’burg, different zip code, natch) constantly. Not to mention mail for Webster Place around the corner.

  5. And from Webster Place we have ALL of the above problems. Even the return of mail numerous times We started just walking the mail to the right house. Lately it’s been important forms for school that didn’t show up. I plan to bring up the issue at the next Community Board 7 meeting. If you leave in CB6 (15th st is the dividing line) you should call your district manager and ask him to look into it.

  6. Which post office is worse, the one on 9th street or the one on 7th Ave? Both make me sick to my stomach for different reasons. Can the 5th Ave one BE more decrepit and rundown? Can we have a longer line for a smaller space on 7th Ave. I hate them both.

  7. Trust me, mail in the North Slope is no joy either. Our post office on Atlantic Avenue manages to combine the ambience of an OTB parlor with the elan of a methadone clinic. I try not to order anything that will be shipped through USPS because the experience of picking up a package there is so wretched. I afraid to say anything for fear of jinxing it, but I have recently NOT received other people’s mail – maybe they are just delivering it to someone else?

  8. My business will go to FedEx or UPS after today’s experience at the 7th Ave. Park Slope post office. It was shocking–or maybe after a number of similar experiences at post offices I should cease to be surprised.

    As I stood at the counter and handed the clerk the envelope I was sending Certified Mail, the post office clerk’s mobile telephone rang. He answered the call and laughed and joked on the phone.
    When he was finished with his call I asked, noticing that the seal of envelope I had handed him was not sticking well (because of the humidity), if he could please pass me the tape (behind the plexiglass window that divides the customers from the post office clerks) or if not, could he put a piece of tape on the seal that seemed to be coming loose.

    “You are asking a lot!” he scolded. He put the tape on complaining audibly about me to the clerk next to him. I said I thought the tape was there to be used. He said I should come to the post office prepared and bellowed, “you are rude!”

    (I am a petite woman with old-fashioned manners.)

    Zero accountablity, as he was without a name tag.

  9. The 7th Ave. post office is terrible; the postal service may listen if we all write to complain via their web site. I’ve found that they do listen. WRITE TODAY!

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