Late Night Eats in Park Slope – The Short List

Smiling Pizza 2

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1. Albaz, on Flatbush by the 7th Ave subway station. Great late-night cheeseburger!
2. If you’re feeling like spending some money, the kitchen at Blue Ribbon is open really late every night.
3. If you can get to Mango or Smiling Pizza on 7th Ave before 12 AM, you’re lucky.
4. If you want a cold, stale bagel, the bagel shop on 5th + garfield is open 24 hours.
5. If you want a full, sit-down meal, go to Tavern on Dean in PH – their kitchen is open mega late (3 a.m. on weekends, I think).
6. Daisy’s is open 24/7, and their pancakes are yummy.
7. 7th Avenue Donuts by 9th Street and 7th Ave. Open 24/7/365. Perfect for when you’re bombed and don’t give a shit about what’s on your plate.
8. The “Greasian” (Grecian) Corner at 4th St & 7th Ave. Try the grits.
9. Another option is DunkinDonuts at… I believe it’s 6th ave, and Atlantic, I think. If you go after midnight, you can get 4 donuts and 2 cappuccinos for $4.
10. There’s a White Castle at Atlantic and Grand! so worth the trip.

Kudos to the resident gourmands of the Park Slope Message Board

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