A Tree Falls in Park Slope

Whoa… Diane writes on the Park Slope Message Board:

“Wow! At 3 AM, my son looked out the window – 6th Ave bet.10-11th St. and witnessed this huge tree come crashing down…totally destroying a Honda. Thank goodness this happened in the middle of the night and so there were no cars or people walking around. This happened because the city is finally taking down the “eyesore” vacant buidling and were digging with a big piece of machinery right in front of building.”

“Apparently they severed the roots of the tree & last night it came tumbling down. I think the initial digging had something to do with disconnecting the pipes but I really don’t know exactly what they were doing. The fire dept. sawed off the limbs but the entire tree trunk was still there this morning blocking all traffic in both directions.”

Here’s an image that was also posted over at the Brooklyn Record:


LINK: A Tree Falls in Brooklyn [Park Slope Message Board]

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