Street Walkers and Curb Crawlers in Gowanus

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……….Precious Williams writes on the Park Slope Message Board:

“A few nights ago I was walking my dog at somewhere between 10 and 11 at night. I headed down to Gowanus just for a change of pace … I usually walk the dog in Park Slope. As I was walking along St Johns between Third and Fourth Ave, a man in a truck slowed right down, leered and then asked me “how much?”.”

“When I looked at him with disgust and started to run away, he looked extremely embarrassed. WTF. I was wearing sweatpants and an old t-shirt at the time too…”

Idlewild says: “Apparently your curb crawler jut woke up from a deep freeze. That box area, from Atlantic & Nevins to 4th Ave to Nevins & Carroll up to 3rd Ave was a notorious streetwalker back in the day before you gentrifiers brought up real estate values. Up until five years ago, maybe a little more.”

Park Slope Message Board

6 Replies to “Street Walkers and Curb Crawlers in Gowanus”

  1. there are still hookers at my end of 3rd ave between 10th and 11th street… one of them circles your car on her mountain bike when you’re stopped at a light, moving your car for street cleaning at 11pm.

  2. its not the sex workers/hookers you have to look out for, they are are not the nuisance, its the guys in the cars. some of them look sketchy and some look like any other guy in a nice car. i walk with a cell phone and if someone pulls up and starts saying something, even while i’m walking with my dog, look like your making that important call while looking at their plates. they speed away.
    after all, the ‘hookers’ were here first.

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