Rash of Honda Civic Thefts in Park Slope

Start Or End ?!

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Slope4-35yrs writes on the Park Slope Message Board:

My dented 17-yr-old Honda Civic was stolen Thursday night from Garfield Place (bet 8th & PPW). It had only 82000 miles and ran great, so I’m mourning its loss this weekend.
I just read the Police column from this week’s Brooklyn Paper and see that 8 other Hondas, most of them 2000 or earlier – two 1991s – have been stolen in the past week alone. My loss was too new to have been listed in this item.
I don’t know that much about car thets to figure out what’s going on. Does anyone have a theory? For parts? For export to a third-world country? Teenagers joyriding?

LINK: Honda Civics are Stolen in the Slope [Park Slope Message Board]

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