Is FreshDirect Destroying the Planet?

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……….You are all dutifully recycling FD’s ridiculously excessive packaging (brown paper boxes, pictured), so that helps. But what about those trucks idling all over Park Slope?

miriam asks: “Is anyone else bothered by the Fresh Direct delivery trucks sitting on the streets for half hour or more at times with their engines on??? Not only are they blocking traffic, but the polution and the noise! Is there something one can do about this??”

Simple answer: Yes. Just ask nicely. stacey says that she has approached the guys in the trucks and asked them if they could turn the engine off while they were unloading, and they always do.

But wait, isn’t their direct-from-warehouse model actually more environmentally friendly than traditional grocery logistics, that involve TWO trucks (distributor to grocer warehouse, grocer warehouse to grocery store) and a vast array of private vehicles? sweet tea says: “it is my uninformed opinion that FD gets more than its share of griping because it is a lot more visible than private vehicles or unmarked warehouse trucks. but i’d be open to some evidence that i’m wrong, so that i can have another reason to complain when they’re running the engine under my window.”

Ultimate Solution: Government subsidies to FreshDirect so they can buy airplanes and drop-ship to Park Slope rooftops: “they can charge us triple for the groceries due to the price of jet fuel!”

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3 Replies to “Is FreshDirect Destroying the Planet?”

  1. I’ve asked drivers to stop idling…they have refused, responding that their refrigeration units require that their engines continue to idle during deliveries.
    Calls to 311 have made me feel better, but not changed the fact that the trucks continue to make noise and exhaust on my block nightly.

  2. They careen down my block numerous times each day, indicating that their delivery system is unefficient and obtrusive. I can’t stand FD and would never consider doing business with them.

  3. This is a typical complaint faced in most dense areas, especially during construction. Idling uses gas and contributes to that whole warming thing…but most directly severly decreases the air quality for surrounding residents.

    Some environmentally concious companies who own lots of diesel trucks have installed separate units so that drivers can run the a/c with the engine off. Saves gas, less complaints, cleaner air…not too shabby.

    As the global warming debate picks up, maybe FD will catch on and install those units…

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