Biscuit is Back… Can They Re-Do N.C. BBQ?

News of Biscuit BBQ’s rebirth, found on the Park Slope Message Board, is very interesting. Opinion on the “old” Biscuit (on Flatbush Ave. near Grand Army Plaza) was deeply divided, and unusually so… Either you loved it or you hated it, as is revealed by the comments on this Daily Heights post.

Whatever you thought of the old Biscuit, there was big disagreement on whether their “NC BBQ” was anywhere close to approximating the real thing. linusvanpelt says: “Even assuming there is such a thing as NC-style BBQ ribs, Biscuit was not it. They heavily slathered their ribs in a sweet, thick, tomatoey sauce. If anything, that’s maybe KC-style, but frankly it was more like, baked-in-the-oven with-bottled-BBQ-sauce style. I didn’t hate Biscuit, it was better than no BBQ in the neighborhood at all, but their stuff had no smoke to it. I much prefer Bar B Q, whose stuff is much smokier, plainer and less sauce-y. Biscuit did, however, have far better sides … Oh, and credit where it’s due, I do miss Biscuit’s fried chicken.”

So… history is history. Time to move on. The new BISCUIT is “opening soon” at 230 5th Avenue (that’s the spot where Night and Day is now). Give it a fair shake, OK?? And let us know what you think on the Park Slope Message Board.

5 Replies to “Biscuit is Back… Can They Re-Do N.C. BBQ?”

  1. I feel horrible saying it but as a SC native I feel I must. This was the worst pulled pork I have ever had. The mac and cheese was dry and cold and lacking…cheese!? Also, as someone who can make the best collard greens you have ever eaten I must say that these also were horrible. The good news however, is that the fried chicken was not disappointing in the least and the mashed potatoes and gravy were pretty darn good. Overall I was not impressed but did go back for fried chicken pick-up tonight. Haven’t eaten it yet but we’ll see if I feel the same way the second time around. I just think that the location is cursed. It doesn’t seem that any business that tries that corner is destined to succeed. Good luck anyhow. Just don’t get the BBQ.

  2. I don’t know anything about SC BBQ, but I am from Chicago so I know a thing or two about a thing or two.
    I know that this place is horrible.
    Save yourself some money and get a McRib sandwich.
    Honestly, it is so flavorless, the meat so overcooked it was beyond chewy.
    If just one person reads this review, then I feel I’ve done some good.

  3. We went to Biscuit last night for dinner, it was the WORST BBQ I’ve ever had!!! I’m from St. Louis and my boyfriend is from Houston. It was damn near inedible! The waiter was clueless, it’s seems he’s never tried anything on the menu (I think he was vegan). The BBQ sauce sucked and was watery, the mashed potatoes were fair until they put “country gravy” on them that was made with Italian sausage. I’ll take my St. Louis BBQ over that Brooklyn-urban b.s. anyday…..

  4. I tried Bisquit because I had Aunt Suzyied myself to death, ditto Al di La, and Rachel besides I wanted to try something new. Bisquit is soooo BAD, not in a good way. Just plain awful, the brisket is hideous, the yams even worse and the collard greens despicable. So why is it always crowded w/people eating like no tomorrow?
    It was so bad I tried my hand at bbquing Brisket….I came to the conclusion that I should open a resturant.

  5. Seems like Biscuit has been reborn! And it has. I went in recently after learning that they had a new pitmaster. The BBQ was really great!. Tried the sampler platter — ribs, chicken and pulled pork. You could tel this ewas slow smoked with care and that each was marinated and rubbed with specialo spice mixes for each. The first time I went in, the platters were piled with BBQ and sides that ran together. Now they come nicely plated, and the sides are great — especially the collard greens and creamed spinach. My four year old had three plates of mac and cheese and the manager happily gave it to us on the house. Forget the old. Biscuit has found its stride. Eat in or take out — either way Biscuit is certain to please — and don’t forget the desserts — all made in house — the red velvet cake is to die for.

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