Ask the Drunken Guest: Best (and Worst!) Bars in Park Slope

Hey! Original Drunken Guest is back with, well, another round of bar crawling advice for Park Slopers. Here are some excerpts:

Great Lakes — it is not the best bar in Park Slope… it’s just not, so get over it. It’s small, dark and crowded…

Sheep Station (4th Ave and about Sackett or so) — A really nice new place with limited Austrialian-esque menu. Lesbian-owned and friendly to all. A bunch of beer and a big back area.

Brooklyn Inn Not in Park Slope, but for a $7 cab ride, it’s worth the money you’ll save on drinks. $5 Jamesons, nuff said.

Patio — pretty good place. Sangria, if you like that shit… nice bartenders and a decent crowd.

Total Wine Bar first let me say Sample on Smith Street is where you really wanted to go … As for Total – it can be pricey, however … I like the 30 and over crowd for a change of pace, and the mac and cheese is amazing. And I don’t even like mac and cheese …

That pool hall place — A real gem. 5th ave and 13 or 14th… 8 ball over the door… downstairs opens into a huge, HUGE pool hall… over 20 pool tables and two ping pong tables…. a ten-seat full bar in front with an old school TV…. a barely dressed 18 year old Latina woman waiting the (pool) tables… great crowd, tons of seating for non pool players… the most welcoming pool hall around… Best example is when I saw a foursome of gay hispanic guys there… nobody looked twice or cared… the place leans slightly ghetto but is in no way feux ghetto fabulous.

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Oh, and FYI — Maria’s Mexican Restaurant now has a bar…

3 Replies to “Ask the Drunken Guest: Best (and Worst!) Bars in Park Slope”

  1. Pool hall place? Do you mean the one by Flatbush and 7th? I live right on 13th and fifth and have no idea what you’re talking about. Details!

  2. Abomination!

    …for neglecting to mention The Old Carriage Inn … that place rocks!

    (…and pool is free on Sunday nights…)

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