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27.5 Years of Celebrity Stalking in Park Slope and Beyond

Cabaki writes about her F train Steve Buscemi sighting on the Park Slope Message Board: “I was discreet as possible, i don’t think he noticed – i should be a cell phone paparazzo! Now I just need to run into JConnelly at the Tea Lounge again, and I’m set.”

Seeing S.B. inspired Cabaki to download her cocktail-party list of sightings from “all my 27.5 years in nyc; not trying to brag, but have nothing going on at work today so i’m reminiscing:”

• jennifer connelly (tea lounge)
• kelly ripa and mark consuelos (57th st a few weeks ago, extremely good looking couple in person)
• jimmy fallon, SNL (walking to work, rockefeller center)
• pierce brosnan (on a flight down to west palm beach from nyc)
• drew barrymore (10th st and 5th ave with a friend)
• antonio banderas (spring st)
• susan sarandon (14th st between university and 5th)
• ethan hawke (14th st between university and 5th)
• jon stewart, twice (once on the daily show, and a few years before in front of me on line inside pizza hut express, 14th btwn univ & 5th)
• donna karan (in 7th avenue office building elevator)
• sarah jessica parker (b’way and houston – she looks like a little boy without makeup)
• mr. big (chris noth) from sex and the city TWICE, (once inside spice restaurant, 5th avenue and 10th, and then again on the street)
• tyson beckford (with his posse and convertible on 8th street, multiple times – he’s only 5’8″!)
• steven tyler of aerosmith (a store i worked in on 8th street when i was in high school)
• carmen electra and b-real of cypress hill when they were dating (same store)
• brandy (same store)
• ice-t, twice: (about 5 years ago hanging out on 8th street; 2 months ago at marquee with his blonde stripper wife, grabbing her ass on the dance floor)
• model/actress devon aoki at that same club, same nite
• donald faision (57th street)
• donald trump (signing copies of books at trump tower)
• robin williams with wife (FAO schwartz, 50th & 5th)
• macaulay culkin (at a deli when i was in high school on the upper west side)
• kelis (my high school, but she wasnt famous then)
• steve buscemi

I know what you’re thinking. Only 24? Where has this girl been hiding? Now go forth and post your list on the Park Slope Message Board.

Brooklyn Taxi Guide: How to Tip, How to Stiff…

…and How to Make the Angry Yellow Cab Driver Go from Manhattan to Brooklyn, Despite Heavy Sighing, Muttered Profanity, Maniacal Driving, and General Rudeness, as reported by users of the Prospect Heights Message Board:

A. “I give about 15% – 20%, or a minimum of $2-$3 if a short ride.” -VeggieQueen
A. “I tip at least $3 if they’re coming over the bridge from Downtown, more if it’s from midtown and up…” -daisyh
A. “If I take a yellow cab home from Manhattan I tip about 15%, depending on how the driver reacted when I told him I was going to Brooklyn…-em
A. “I usually tip $2 to $4 unless it’s a really long trip.” -neene

Q. CAR SERVICE: CAN YOU SKIP THE TIP? Seems like a lot of people tend to tip cab drivers, but avoid tipping the car service drivers, on the rationale that they drive their own cars and don’t have to pay for a medallion. Apparently, some car services automatically add a gratuity (~10%) to the fare, according to kristina.
A. Magic 8 Ball says: Unclear. Shake again. From Idlewild (who is a former car service driver): “Not all car service drivers own their car, and even if they do, they are still paying hefty maintaince and tax costs.”

Q. WHAT IF THE DRIVER COMPLAINS/REFUSES TO TAKE ME BACK TO BROOKLYN? This used to be almost the rule, and now is becoming the exception. But it still happens. A lot. What’s more, some cabbies will refuse fares across Brooklyn if they deem yours not worthy enough. As far as we know, none of this is legal.
A. Legal or not: don’t even let it happen. Pre-empt it. Jump in the cab and slam the door before disclosing your destination. If the driver balks, remember this phrase: “You may not want to take me to Brooklyn, but you’re not getting another fare until you do, because I’m not getting out.” -Carnivore

Q. RUDE DRIVERS: SHOULD YOU GET REVENGE? And should you report the cabbie who won’t go to Brooklyn??
A. Don’t bother, unless you’re unemployed, or especially vindictive: “You can complain all you want, but to have any real action taken, you have to turn up to a TLC hearing in person, which usually means taking a day off work. What a shock! The TLC isn’t concerned about weeding out lame drivers, or serving the entire NYC populace.” -ANFIELD

Decent Christmas Tree in Park Slope?

Photo by: neene

Is it possible to get a fresh, affordable tree in this neighborhood?? Michelle76 writes on the Park Slope Message Board: “… I live around Garfield and 5th Ave, and I’ve bought trees at both the place on Flatbush/5th Ave, and the one in front of Key Food on 5th. Both have been disappointing in the past, with really, really dried out trees. I’m just trying to get a nice, healthy 3-footer … I really love Christmas trees, but these ones in Park Slope have been bumming me out.”

3-footer?? Okay, Charlie Brown. Here’s your quick list:

That place on Union between 6th and 7th Ave – “Vermont” something, just downhill from the Food Coop. They are nice and the trees are great. -pitu

The church at the corner of 7th and Carroll (Old First Reformed Church) has sold trees … Pretty good trees in the past. But they are large ones. Also, there’s the lot on Flatbush @ 5th Avenue that’ll be around until they build Ratnerville … nice Canadienne who sold me a tree last year … they have all sizes and probably have Charlie Brown-type trees too. -dw438

But don’t buy on recommendations alone – check the tree before you buy: Bend the needles to see if they snap. They’ll be flexible on a fresh tree … Unfortunately its probably near impossible to get a fresh affordable tree in the neighborhood. – Ando

Get more recommendations on the Park Slope Message Board

Parents: Tutoring in Park Slope`

Hi all,
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