Decent Christmas Tree in Park Slope?

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Is it possible to get a fresh, affordable tree in this neighborhood?? Michelle76 writes on the Park Slope Message Board: “… I live around Garfield and 5th Ave, and I’ve bought trees at both the place on Flatbush/5th Ave, and the one in front of Key Food on 5th. Both have been disappointing in the past, with really, really dried out trees. I’m just trying to get a nice, healthy 3-footer … I really love Christmas trees, but these ones in Park Slope have been bumming me out.”

3-footer?? Okay, Charlie Brown. Here’s your quick list:

That place on Union between 6th and 7th Ave – “Vermont” something, just downhill from the Food Coop. They are nice and the trees are great. -pitu

The church at the corner of 7th and Carroll (Old First Reformed Church) has sold trees … Pretty good trees in the past. But they are large ones. Also, there’s the lot on Flatbush @ 5th Avenue that’ll be around until they build Ratnerville … nice Canadienne who sold me a tree last year … they have all sizes and probably have Charlie Brown-type trees too. -dw438

But don’t buy on recommendations alone – check the tree before you buy: Bend the needles to see if they snap. They’ll be flexible on a fresh tree … Unfortunately its probably near impossible to get a fresh affordable tree in the neighborhood. – Ando

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